GeeFix Wall Anchors Review

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Initial Impression of the Gee Fix Wall Anchors System

By ChadM

Geefix wall anchor packagingWhen I first examined the GeeFix wall anchors I was surprised at the quality of the plastic. Most plastic wall anchor systems feel cheap and flimsy. GeeFix wall anchors are heavy, solid plastic – the anchor looks and feels like it would hold heavy items. Beyond the quality of the anchor I was concerned with the multiple components; at first glance it seemed that so many pieces (back piece, round plug, plastic cord, screw) might make using the anchor awkward.

Installing GeeFix Wall Anchors

The GeeFix wall anchors require a 25 mm or 1 inch diameter hole in the surface you will be installing it in; in this example the wall surface is 7/16” OSB.

Geefix wall anchors drill 1in hole.   Geefix wall anchors drilling 1 in hole   Geefix wall anchors hole drilled

Prior to installation the plastic cord is threaded through the curved back piece and the round surface plug. After the 1 inch hole is drilled the curved back piece is inserted into the hole, situated so that the curved face of the piece is against the inside wall surface.

geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor in hole    geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor in hole    geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor back view

Now that the anchor is in the wall the plastic cord is pulled tight, this pulls the curved back piece and the round plug together and holds them tight to the wall. With the cord pulled tight, the center screw is installed (this screw is just snugged up) and the cord is pulled out of the anchor. Now that the cord is removed from the anchor the two smaller, permanent screws are placed in the side holes and tightened up. The center screw can now be removed.

geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor remove cord    geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor screw  geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor remove main screw

Final Thoughts on GeeFix Wall Anchors

I used the GeeFix wall anchors system to mount a wall mount for a 32” television in my office. I am impressed with the performance of the anchors – confident enough in its performance that I actually hung the tv on the mount. I have never been fond of hollow wall anchors – if at all possible I avoid using them; after using the GeeFix wall anchors today I will be looking online for a place to purchase them as I was very impressed with the ease of installation and the strength of the anchor.

geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor tv mount    geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor flush tv mount    geefix wall anchors inserting plastic anchor tv mounted

For more information on applications for GeeFix Wall Anchors, click here.

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10 comments on “GeeFix Wall Anchors Review

  1. Matt

    Wow, I’ve never encountered a wall anchor that would give me that much confidence, so much that I would put a TV on it – at least one that worked anyhow. 🙂 What is the weight rating on those? Nice review.

  2. Brian

    Great review Chad, good information about the installation method,
    Glad to hear about your thoughts on how they seem strong enough to support the TV
    As you mentioned, many cheaper quality plastic anchors on the market.

  3. Frank

    Thank you Chad
    Great Review of the GeeFix wall anchors. I can’t wait for them to hit the market here in Canada. Only wish I had them today as I will be mounting the size TV on a wall.
    I bet on the OSB there is no worry at all of the anchor giving way.

  4. Kevin

    Thanks for the review Chad. That was one thing that I had been wondering about in that they are well made and sturdy. Nice to know they are not cheaply made especially when hanging something like a TV wall mount. How heavy do you suppose that TV is?

  5. Alex

    Thanks for the review! You can never have a large enough variety of wall anchors. These seem pretty amazing, I cant think of any anchors that I would feel comfortable using for a TV – I was scared with my mount anchored to studs. I searched quickly and wasn’t able to find a place to order any though.

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