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    do all of you have steel toed boots or no? if so, have they ever spared you from injury?

    John S


    I have steel toes, I can’t say that they have ever spared me from injury but it’s good to know that my toes are protected. I find steel toes are handy for setting heavy things down on that you are carrying that you don’t want to set right on the ground.



    Honesdale, PA

    I have both steel toes and non, I only wear the steel toes when I know I will be working framing or outside work. Any trim carpentry I wear my non steel toe.

    halifax, nova scotia

    heard back from KEEN rep last night. i guess they only have 2 models available in canada right now.. there were 5 but 3 of them had to go in for redesign but will be back on the market for summmer along with some other ones. i might try one of the two styels he can get me at cost

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Redwings all the way,steel toes. I have a pair that I have kept with shiny toe syndrome that I use for demo, I just cant bear to toss them out.


    Timberland Pro’s for me also.The fit has been always great and they are durable to last.


    sounds like timberland or red wing is the favorite amongst us… i am surprised there hasnt been a brand mentioned that i havent heard of… and i dont know much!

    John S

    Birmingham, Alabama

    Anything with a ‘Vibram’ sole has worked great for me

    Chicago, IL

    That’s the truth Rob – Vibram soles are tough.


    I ve had Dakotas that lasted a good full life and were as comfortable as walking on marshmellows all day, and bought at Wallmarts, and then Ive had some Dakotas that blew out the stitching and faded and cracked like Phyllis Dillors wrinkly rear after only three months, so I gotta say buying Dakota’s a crap shoot and I’m sorry China I cant support you guys anymore that way.


    Just bought me some Diehard work boots at sears
    For $70. There nice


    I do when I’m low in cash. I do on my tennis


    Used to be RedWing, now Wolverine. Protection was the most important, but after years of abuse, comfort is more important than it once was




    Dan – are you wearing them everyday? That’s a long time for boots. Are you moving around or stationary in a workshop?

    workshop boots should and normally will outlast job site boots

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Rob, if I’m working on site I’m wearing my boots everyday but where I do mostly finish work and cabinets I don’t tend to be too hard on them. When I’m in my shop I wear a good pair of sneakers rather than my boots and yeah most of the time I’m moving around in my shop. Anytime I’ve done framing, siding etc on a job that has put the most wear and tear on my boots.




    I’ve had a pair of Timberland Pro For a couple of years now. They are heavy and clunky but they wore well. Time for a change.


    What kind of work boots (or shoes) do you wear? What would you recommend?


    Johna, you can find an existing thread on work boots here:


    There’s some great info in that thread.




    Depends on the type of work you’re doing. More info

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com

Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 311 total)
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