Why is my nailer leaking

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    So when I use my framing nailer with my air hose I really don’t have a problem but I have a problem when I use the air hoses at work it leaks a ton of air but worked fine on the other guns?

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    There are different styles of coupler’s and fittings (M, F and universal). Need to find out what they are using.


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    Sounds like the work fitting female end needs replacing. Those are usually the ones that go bad.

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    Sounds like a compatibility issue or a worn fitting to me also

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    The rubber ring washers wear out and start to leak after a while , Quickest fix is to replace the ends on them .

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    My vote goes to the hose ends too..but did you say the other guns work fine on those hoses? Maybe the fitting on your gun?

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    I agree it is most likely a worn hose fitting. I just had to replace several of my fittings recently for the same reason.


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    Yep, I find cheap or expensive they all last the same. I buy mine at Princess Auto (harbour freight) here and they wear out and that’s how I know when. I do have one tool that leaks from the trigger, my hitachi framer but aside from that none of my tools have been at fault.


    You need to figure out which side is worn or whatever is going on and resolve the issue before ya use it again, That can be very dangerous if they come apart on ya. Especially up on a roof if it happens to knock ya out

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    Sometimes those things are just picky. I have some that will work perfect on my stuff but not on others guns and vise versa.


    I will cut off the end and put a new one one today because when I was using the hose I relished that it is leaking out the hose and leaking so much air that even when I wasn’t nailing the compressor was runnin. I have seen that happen before with a hose someone fixed and used a hose clamp to hold the fitting on and when someone stepped on it the fitting shot off into the drywall and the hose ended up blowing the saw dust under the chop saw all over.


    fittings from auto parts stores tend to last a lot longer than ones from box stores.

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    fittings from auto parts stores tend to last a lot longer than ones from box stores.

    I have noticed this also, the fittings are a little more expensive at the auto parts store, but they seem to be a much higher quality fitting.


    I agree with the compatibility issue. If you hose is fine but the others aren’t, it’s probably the hoses.

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    Sounds like a compatibility problem between the fitting on your nail gun and the fitting on the air hose at work.

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    If the gun leaks, change the gun seal, you can find seals in the plumbing isle of the hardware store. If it is the connection, change it. If you change the hose side connection make sure that you clamp it right. Don’t use a hose clamp if you can avoid it, they don’t hold well. Go to an autoparts store and get fuel injector clamps. They work a whole lot better.

    If you are changing the fitting in the gun, make sure you use some Teflon tape on the threads. It ill help everything seal nice and tight. At least all this has worked for me well.


    Good advice Sven, And yeah, Don’t use a regular worm screw hose clamp. I prefer hose banding. It’s flat and holds really well. I have the tool pictured and can be had for $10 or less, It’s a cheapie and they have better ones out there but this one gets the job done

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    Yup it sounds like a loose worn out female end. It happens, the leaking air drives me nuts.


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    I have a crimping tool for my hoses. I can’t stand air leaks either. They don’t last long on my equipment.


    Ok thanks. That crimper looks like a good way to add a new fitting on. I think what the problem is is that these are some crappy hoses to begin with and probably have always had Leakey fitting on them because they ant that old but they were the first ones I could find.

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