Which kitchen sink do you prefer?

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    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    It seems like most people are going for the under mounted sinks now that granite counter tops are becoming so popular.

    I would too if I could afford it .I like the look of them much better than the older styles .


    Funny thing is that the sinks that still have an edge that protrudes above the countertop are become more and more popular because they are so vintage or retro.


    If you’re looking for a sink that will take some abuse and still look amazing years down the road look into Blanco Quartz composite sinks. They are more expensive but they are very difficult to damage.

    They come with prefab knock-outs so you can use any configuration you need. I was afraid to use a hammer and punch to knock out the holes with the first one I installed so I tried a hole saw on it. I ground all the teeth off the hole saw and barely scratched the sink.

    You can get them in a variety of colors and they look great for years. For my money that’s what I would go with.

    If you’re dealing with a more limited budget I would agree with the Kohler stainless sinks though.


    It seems like most people are going for the under mounted sinks now that granite counter tops are becoming so popular.

    I would too if I could afford it .I like the look of them much better than the older styles .

    I did undermount sinks in my bathroom and kitchen. I used granite tile instead of a slab – partly because it was cheaper, but also something a little different from the common slab.

    Orange County, CA


    Home depot kitchen sinks offer a lucrative mix of style, innovation and functionality to touch peoples limit. An important think you should consider before buying, I think, is knowing the configuration of your sink. A solid flat surface sink is a part of a kitchen if ease of cleanup is important. There are Blanco, Kraus, Kohler and many more popular brands in the world that suit best for your kitchen.


    Durham region, ON

    @chad spam !


    I have also installed Kohler last week, experience is really nice.

    Ottawa, ON

    I got a big single bowl Kraus SS sink for my kitchen. It’s solid, and I like the size but heartily dislike the flat bottom. It drains but leaves residue behind, so you can never simply rinse it, you have to wipe it.
    I almost went with a Blanco but the colour I wanted was not in stock. My preference has always been stainless compared to everything else I’ve tried.

    Burton, Michigan

    I like the looms Kohler products and was thinking of getting there sink when i redo the kitchen and bathrooms.

    Garnet Valley, PENNSYLVANIA

    You cant go wrong with Kohler but I just came upon a brand that impressed me . I’m about to do a kitchen install and the homeowner bought a Ruvati corner stainless sink . I’ve done quite a few kitchens of all types and this brand is one nice sink .http://www.ruvati.com/products/rvh8400/ They were able to find it on amazon for half that retail price .


    We just replaced our kitchen sink, and I almost bought one of those (Blanco Silgranite)– really liked them, and maintenance-free aspect– but then we saw the Kohler enameled cast iron sinks and thought they were so beautiful (lots of colors there, too)– so went with that. We love it, and for what we were putting on our countertop and the existing backsplash– the cast iron seemed to mesh better with it all (seemed more organic somehow, with all the other natural stone– and heavier (and heavier looking) than the stainless.


    My original sink lasted over 20 yrs and was in good shape when they took it out–that sink was one of the top 5 features of the house…
    I would love to have put in a farm house sink but cabinetry would have had to be redone


    I also would love to have a double stainless undermount for our kitchen, but it sounds like you have space issues. I have to say though, the undermount thing is fabulous.

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