Which brand of melamine tablesaw blade do you use?

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    Agreed, good to know. Hopefully I can remember it when it’s time to cut melamine.


    Diablo here. Don’t believe they are the best, but great for the price.

    Indio, CA

    Hi Andre. Bosch offers a blade, DCB1072, which is specifically designed to cut melamine and laminated or veneered panels. DCB1072 is a 10″ blade with a triple-chip tooth grind (TCG) with anti-vibration body slots to produce a smooth cut that is chip-free on both sides of the work in table and miter saws. This allows the user to cut material to size without having to mark inside and outside surfaces because the cut material is uniform throughout. The teeth are C4 carbide which stay sharper longer in the abrasive substrates used in this material, and the blade can be resharpened many times. One tip – when cutting panels in the tablesaw, start with the height adjusted so that the bottom of one gullet (space between two teeth) is flush with the top of the panel and make test cuts. Depending on the material, adjust slightly up or down if needed until both sides of the cut are chip-free. The DCB1072 is available in many outlets including industrial suppliers, Menard’s, and Amazon.com.

    Would the DCB760 7-1/4″ 60 tooth for a circular saw be comparable to the DCB1072 table saw blade? I frequently cut formica countertops.


    Honolulu,, Hi.

    That’s a great tip with the blade hight.

    Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

    I was recommended by a saw sharpener, the Dinmar 80 TCG. I don’t do a lot of melamine, but what I have done was better than expected.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    I don’t cut much melamine but when I do I use Tenryu’s Alumi-Cut series blade and it does a great job.

    Haleiwa, HI

    i use the Forrest Woodworker II. it works pretty well for everything.

    Miramichi, New-Brunswick

    Hi Chris, Much like Pat I would like to know if the DCB760 is the same or similar in function and result as the DCB1072. I might order the portable first to cut the existing counter top and install a regular stove and then the table saw 1072 for the shelving and carcases.

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