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    Birmingham, Alabama

    Shop at house is 13′ x 28′
    At office is 2500 sq. ft. 16′ high
    (got it last year, maybe it will finally be big enough)


    man… i know i am a young buck… but all i have is a closet for the tools right now 🙁 maybe one day the wife will give me half of the garage 🙂

    John S


    I have a outside shed for a shop and it works for what I need 🙂


    Well I have a 3 car garage, a 10×20 storage room and a 12×20 material building. But my shop is really the driveway.

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

    Working Pro 1972 - 2015
    Member since Jan 22, 2013


    Before I even married my wife I made sure she understood that garages are for tools and driveways are for cars.

    Waterloo, Ontario

    Never big enough!!
    I have an oversized double garage, approx 18 x 26.
    I park two vehicles in the winter, and still have room to work, but often its too cold.
    I also use my mech room in the basement for smaller jobs.

    As with most, would love a small holding with a separate heated barn or workshop maybe 20 x 20 with storage.

    Still hoping



    2 Stall garage not enough room, so got plans made for a oversized 2 stall garage so I can give the house garage back to my yard saling girlfriend
    how fills this one up! No complaints. Found me some antique dressers really cheap and now fully restored in the guest bedroom.


    I will have a nice one built when we move and it will be set up the right way with a lift inside along with a big compressor on its own breaker box, http://www.hgtv.com they have some nice stuff and http://www.diynetwork.com


    My shop is a 20×30 building that I designed and built from the ground up. I made it everything that my old shop wasn’t (which was in the basement). Lots of windows, 10′ ceiling, electrical outlets everywhere, lots of light fixtures. I built the shop on posts and framed the floor with 2×10 joists which makes the floor much easier on the feet, back and any tools that may get dropped.




    In my basement, hard to get long stuff down there to work on it. Only really use it in the winter, easier to do outside or in a garage

    halifax, nova scotia

    tom your right. basement shops are a real pain unless you have a walk in basement.. too tricky to get sheet goods down the stairs and new large tools for that matter

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Pittsburgh, PA

    John, awesome shop. I just added that to my wish list on Amazon. But i couldnt help but notice that your roof is sagging.


    My shop is always changing according to my needs. As the number of tools I have continue to grow, I have to expand my workshop. I can always count on having this as a project every 3-5 years.


    As I said to a friend that came by my shop last week, a workshop is always a work in progress. There is always something that I want to add whether it is a new tool or something to build for the shop.

    I just started building a set of cabinets today for my shop to give me extra storage and also provide somewhat of a ‘showroom piece’ that I can show clients when they come by. Here’s what I came up with for the design and layout.




    i dont think john’s shop was sagging… i think it was the curvature of the lens that he used to take the pic… but just a guess, since the second picture doesnt show the sagging (granted-different angle)…

    does anybody have any idea how much a barn large enough to fit your truck in runs? i saw home depot advertising something like 12k for materials for a rather large one… obviously this depends really on size and material type – but has anybody already done it and have cost/pics?

    John S


    My workshop is in a two car garage. Sometimes I even get enough out of the way to park a car in there, but not often.


    My workshop is an insulated two car garage. I work out of there year-round and it gives me plenty of space for what I need.


    My first Post, so please bear with me. My workshop is an insulated, two-vehicle garage (24′ X 30′) that is now complemented by a 30k BTU propane heater hung near one corner of the 10′ ceiling. Had to put up a 12′ wall to create a stall for my POSSL-Q’s car, but the rest of the building is MINE! Hung three 9′ X 12′ plastic drop cloths off a make-shift curtain rod (using chain link fence top rail), so she’s happy my shop dust n’ debris is at a minimum on HER side. Tools and cabinetry are hung and stored primarily in the 10′ X 24′ “back” of the garage, with MY stall providing ease of access and temporary storage of sawhorse-mounted sheet goods. No windows in the building (lighting provided by ten, double-tube florescent lights), so my next, major “retrofit” will be installing an A/C unit for the summer’s higher temps. Pretty well organized and ready for projects as they come to mind or get commissioned (that’s different from a bro-in-law begging).


    John: I have no idea what costs may be, but I can recommend a company that puts up metal buildings, named Coast to Coast, with HQ & manufacturing somewhere in AR. I got permission from Brian Keeler to share his phone # with you and all others interested: (785) 452-8301. He said he’d call to find out particulars of what you’re looking for and/or mail you a brochure; whatever. They put up a 20×30 carport for me; it’s withstood some 60mph KS winds since last Spring. I suspect the building I’m thinking of would be ideal, but you need to chat with Brian.

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