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    oswego, NY

    those of you that do construction and have storage boxes where do you keep them? do you have them all in your trailer or truck tool box or do you keep them in the garage and grab what you need for that day? i have a few tstak boxes and have them in my truck tool box but what to get more but then my tools won’t fit in my truck.


    I keep everything in my basement and just put what I need in my truck everyday which most days is not much just a skil saw , nailer , extension cord air hose and my nail bags. The only time I need more is when I do side work and I just bring up what I need from my shop and load up my truck.

    Brick, NJ, 500,000 HAM

    i keep tools i use everyday or most days in my truck, IE drills, levels, hand tools ect. tools i know I’m going to need that day get loaded night before or morning of. IE tile saw, miter saw, ect.

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    On a shelf in my garage.

    Niles, OH

    I Keep all of the basics in my van, screw gun,drill,saw,hand tools,ect. All the bigger and less used on a everyday basis such as miter saw, table saw, compressor, demo hammer, and so on I keep in the garage and only load it when I know I need it


    I keep most things at home in the garage. My daily use stuff fits in my truck bed box.


    Our van keeps most regularly used tools and items in it. We are fortunate and have an awesome shop for everything else. There are opinions all over on this, but I can’t imagine using a truck for my primary work vehicle again, but it all depends on what type of work you do. If I had to start all over, the tool organizing systems that are out like the l-boxx or tough system would make it very easy to load and unload at the end of each day.


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    Holladay, Tn

    I keep the most used tools with me. And swap out the others as needed.


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    Rogers, Ohio

    Between the trailer and the tool box on the truck the majority of my tools are with me. Some specialty tools (wet saws, concrete saw, etc) stay in the garage and get loaded up when I need them.


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    Calgary, Alberta

    Where don’t I keep them. I have two L-BOXX’s in my living room right now, my 2 year old was playing with the 1A containers building towers. I think I might have lost them. I should be keeping them in garage, and I just take out what I need when I do need to pack out for a job which is rare for me nowadays.


    Mine are split between the tool trailer, the truck, the garage, and the storage room.

    Mark E.

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    Anaheim Hills, Cali

    I’m able to get all my main tools in Festool containers and in my truck boxes. The systainers help considerably in compacting the room.

    Upstate, NY

    I started out years ago loading and unloading every morning / night. That gets old in a hurry!

    Now, most everything is on my trailer except for the bulky things I only use occasionally. Those get stored in the shop.


    Most of my stuff is in my garage, I do keep a mechanics tool box in my truck and trailer. Also keep a little bit of everything in my camper

    Colorado Springs, CO

    I have enough tools that I can still load and unload the truck at the end of each day. When they are in the truck they go in a truckbox, and in the garage where there is room.

    roanoke, VA

    Keep most of tools in basement or garage except basics kept in truck.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Most of my daily use tools live in my van.


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    halifax, nova scotia

    my stuff is at home, in the truck or on site

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