What tools are you using everyday? What is in your bags / pouches ?

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    Chicago, IL

    So I thought I’d start putting together a few lists, things I can use for others starting out. Let’s start each post off with what the list of tools is for, what you use to hold the tools (bucket, tool pouches, etc), followed by the list, like this:

    Remodeling, Tool belt
    20 oz vaughan framing hammer (999 head, fiberglass shaft)
    pencils, sharpie
    small flat bar
    3/4″ or 1″ beater chisel with PVC pipe holder
    chalk line
    small cats paw
    speed square
    small pouch with assorted drill tips and bits
    nail sets
    small adjustable wrench
    torpedo level
    10 in one screwdriver

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    I don’t use these every day, but here’s what I have in my Siding Tool Pouch
    16oz hammer
    Straight, left and right cutting snips
    25′ tape
    small flat bar
    torpedo level
    chalk line
    utility knife
    multi-bit screwdriver
    1″ wood chisel
    Coilstock trim nail set/punch
    Slotted hole punch

    Also have a Siding Toolbag
    25″ tape
    12″ square
    Combo square
    Utility knife
    Klein spring loaded straight cut snip
    Spring clamps
    extra pencils, blades
    assortment of trim nails and screws
    and probably more that I can’t think of right now


    Linemans screwdriver dmm. Everyday
    My pouch: knife torpedo level screwdrivers
    Linemans channellocks tape measure
    Needle nose side cutters nut drivers
    Side pockets electrical tape wire nuts and electrical


    Can not get through any day without my 18v drill driver, it is number 1 with me !!!

    halifax, nova scotia

    i carry two toolbelts. one is what i call the frankenpouch . its a mishmash of various toolbelts and single pouches which i customize based on how much stuff i need to carry to stay efficient at the task im doing. .it gets worn for framing, deck building and siding

    currently it has

    dewalt speed square
    fatmax 30′ tape
    stiletto 14 oz hickory handle framing hammer
    12″ renovators bar
    irwin precision chalk line w/ red chalk
    stanley fatmax chalk line w/ blue chalk
    1″ olfa utility knife w/ spare blades
    3/4″ olfa with spare blades
    2 nail sets
    pencils, sharpies

    for interior trim i wear a occidental leather suspendavest

    10 oz stilleto axe handle hammer
    stanley speed square
    stanley 7″ combination square
    flat bar/ scraper
    6″ renovators bar
    nail sets
    16 fatmax tape
    driver bits
    spade bits

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    my go to DIY kit has a level, 25′ tape, klein screwdriver set, utility knife, 18v drill with misc bits and hammer

    John S

    halifax, nova scotia

    forgot to mentin im carryng a stanley block plane as well in my frankenpouch… currently doing a cedar shingle job

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Full apron for shop work

    6″ Veritas precision square
    mechanical pencil
    6″ steel ruler
    10′ tape measure

    Tool belt for finish work

    16 oz hammer
    small nailset
    japanese nail set
    offset block
    engineers square
    low angle block plane
    25′ tape measure
    6″ flat bar




    jeff – what kind of stanley block plane do you use?

    John S

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Neat topic.


    I do furniture repair work, so I’m probably different than most. Most of the “tools” are outside the touch up kit and I use for structural repairs on casegoods and upholstered furniture.

    Screwdriver (“Quick-Pic” multi)
    Gearwrench microdriver (sockets, driver bits, Allen(hex), Torx)
    Deadblow hammer
    Staple pullers
    4″ F-clamps, 4″ C-clamps
    Tape measure
    Wood Chisels – 1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, 1/8″ mortising
    10 oz claw hammer
    Open end-ratcheting box wrench, SAE & metric
    8″ adjustable wrench
    Needlenose pliers
    Channellock pliers
    Nail puller (“The Extractor”)
    Magnetic tool tray
    Japanese pullsaw
    Folding 8″ square
    Cordless screwdriver
    Cordless drill kit
    – twist bit set
    – pilot drill/countersink set
    – Kreg jig
    – Spade bits
    Vice Grips
    Pry bar
    4-in-hand rasp
    Box of misc hardware – screws, nuts & bolts, glides

    More specialty tools and hardware in the van, brought in when needed.

    Anaheim Hills, Cali

    Dalluge titanium hammer
    Dalluge titanium catspaw
    5 in one screwdriver
    Nail set
    Small adjustable wrench
    Sharp chisel
    Crap chisel
    Razor knife
    Speed square
    blowgun pencil
    Construction master calc
    30′ tape
    Leica Disto D5 lasor distant measurer
    Assorted bits and tips

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Rolling Shutter Manufacturing, Instillation, and Repair.

    L-Boxx 3D
    Top Level:
    18V Drill/Driver w/ spare battery
    6 in 1 Screwdriver
    3/16′ drill bits (one’s I use 90% of the time)
    Misc Drill bits/screw bits
    Step Bits
    Grab tool
    7/8″ and 1/2″ spade bit

    Sorting Drawer:
    Exterior Torx Screws 2″ through 4″
    Self Taping #8 x 1/2″
    Steel and Aluminum Rivets
    Lock Tight
    Graphite and Lithium Grease

    Bottom Drawer:
    Rivet Gun
    Channel Locks
    Needle Nose
    Wire Cutter
    Mini Pry Bar
    2 Small Clamps
    2 beater stanley screw drivers.

    The drill is the life of my game, I have another in the truck along with vice grips, circular saw, dremel, and some other misc parts, tools, and ladders.

    halifax, nova scotia

    jeff – what kind of stanley block plane do you use?

    i have 2 stanley standard block planes, 1 stanley low angle plane. and 2 of the mini block planes from home depot which i carry for cedar shingle jobs

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Kamloops, BC

    I don’t get to use everything in my belt lately as we’ve been doing demo for the last two weeks…but here’s what I keep in there for day to day use:


    Lurking Hit and Run poster.


    Milwaukee fastback knife

    Linesmen plyers

    Dewalt knife

    6/1 screw driver

    Small pry bar

    Trim bar

    Crap chisel

    Good chisel

    Crescent wrench

    Red and blue chalk lines

    25 ft tape

    25 oz wood Handel estwing framing hammer


    Nail set

    Cats paw

    Speed square


    I have a set of Oxy Fat Lips. I use them for everything but finish work. In my bags everday is

    Stanley Fat max utility knife
    Tajima chalk line
    Red and grey nail sets
    Dead On cats paw/blade wrench
    1″ Stanley beater chisel (gets sharpened occasionally)
    Sharpie marker and misc pencils
    Long #2 philips and square drive bits along with a few nutdrivers and a couple T25 torx bits
    Set of green Wiss knockoff snips
    Swanson Speed square
    25′ or 30′ tape. Usually its a FatMax, right now its an Ace hardware brand I am giving a run.

    Now the hammer is either my Dewalt mig welded waffle head 15oz for framing or the 14 oz smooth face for everything else.

    When do siding, I may add red snips, hand brake, and a stick rule.

    For finish work I like to have a cart close by with the drills, shims, glue etc. On my belt I have a clip on hammer loop that holds my 16oz Stanley I-beam hammer. Also I have a tape measure holder that clips on my belt that has a 16′ FatMax tape with the clip removed, a yellow nail set, 1/4″ chisel, and a pencil.


    A Working Pro since 1995!

    Member since March 26, 2014.

    Rogers, Ohio

    This is what is usually in my pouches. I don’t always carry the flat bar and siding tool but the rest is usually in there.


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    Upstate, NY

    I do so many things over the course of the day that I have multiple kits set up depending on what’s going on. But those kits contain many of the things everyone else has listed. It always interests me to see what very one else carries and the brands they use.

    oswego, NY

    ever day:

    21oz wafel head easwing
    dewalt cats paw
    1″ chisel
    torpedo level
    angel finder
    dewalt chalk line
    Swanson speed square
    asored drill bits
    old hinge pin
    tin snips

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