What questions would you ask a successful business owner in you same trade?

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    This is my first post here I just found out about this forum through Reddit. Seems like a great community and I plan to communicate often as I am starting my new business.

    As a new business owner in general contracting I have the rare opportunity to sit with the owner of a successful gc company. I have been brainstorming questions but I figure I should get some other ideas. What are some important questions you would ask a mentor if you were just starting a general contracting business?

    Birmingham, Alabama

    How do I Market my company…and do I have to?
    How do I Sell a project…well?
    Do I need to Design the projects or does someone else? Could I?
    How do you Plan projects well?
    Do I need to Manage each project or do I hire others to do that?


    Do the right thing in what you do.

    Ask for referals (which I know is hard) from past clients.

    Service existing clients to death.

    Be honest, have formal detailed contracts to sign,

    Be pro-active with ‘disasters’ encountered with the client (don’t try to hide them).

    Don’t hack shit! Be honest when you are unsure.

    I’m not in your trade, but those are fundamental rules for any biz never mind contracting.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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