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    Bloomington, IN

    Most of us know what other members do for a living, but I thought a dedicated thread on the topic was in order.

    So what do you do? What areas do you work in? And what trades to you avoid at all costs?

    I consider myself a carpenter/woodworker/remodeler. Like many of you, I’m happy to tackle most jobs, but I prefer to use my tools to build things. I love a challenge and the process of figuring out How to complete a job

    I avoid drywall primarily…and plumbing ( I always seem to mis-cut the dang pipes…my brain just can’t seem to get a good grasp on it for some reason).

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    I do carpentry to wood and stacking roofs would be my favorite.


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    Akron, OH

    Custom framing contractor specializing in large homes. We also do exterior trim/siding, demo/framing insurance restoration, as well as remodel/additions.

    Globe, AZ

    I do most of it. I am always anxious to learn more. Foundation all through the other trades to flooring. Today I finished up the metal stud framing on a BBQ, then hung some sheetrock, and finished the day throwing down some metal roofing.

    The trade that I have used the most would be drywall. Hanging and taping but more taping and texture. My shoulders start to really ache when I do that too much anymore so I have really been pushing to concentrate on finish carpentry. I would say that is my passion at the moment.

    I try to avoid roofing but am not above it…haha….get it. Anyway, here in AZ on the roof is no fun.

    Toronto, ON

    My works consists of masonry, concrete, sealants, TWF, restoration and suspended access equipment. Did roofing when I first started in trades, maybe that’s how I got my love of heights?

    A Working Pro since 2004


    I’m the son of a carpenter/contractor so I’ve been around the trades all my life. I’ve helped do most aspects of new construction and remodeling from foundation to roofing. A few years ago things starts to slow down around here so I branched out and became a licensed electrician. I enjoy tinkering so I also build and restore lamps. My sub specialty would probably be painting. I don’t care for drywall or plumbing but will take on some minor work in these areas especially when electrical is included.

    Anything is possible if your wallet is thick enough ~ my father

    Foam Lake, SK

    Full time farmer. I also do welding and HD mechanics for a pay check (oh, and I also plant the odd seed)

    For the off months I’ve been doing kitchens, renos and custom furniture. Part time for the last 10 years. Full time for the last two. I would like to dedicate all my off farm time on custom pieces and furniture only.

    I’ve been a labourer in framing (ran my own crew for a few years) concrete, roofing etc.

    Won’t do mudding and taping. The body dictates what else I want to do.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!


    Can’t lay claim to being a top notch tradesman. I teach and work with kids that many do not want to deal with. Yes, they can be a handful, but many have so much to offer. Moved in with father in 10 th grade when it was suggested that “Another school in another city may be the best thing to everyone’s best interest”, ironically I worked for her as a teacher before she retired. At that time my father started buying houses and re-doing them. That meant he was in the bar by noon and I was on the job to learn how to get it done. Went into the Air Force at 17 as Structural Maintenance. Came out and did industrial Roofing for couple years, one of the first in NE Ohio to play around with rubber roofs. Moved to Florida and threw together metal shelters and barns for a year on a commission pay. Moved back to Ohio and we started painting houses. Forgot to mention we always did some painting while growing up. Apartment complex’s, rooms… Anyway loved it. Could take something no one wanted and make them want to look at it. Later on in life I got into teaching. Still grunt and work with folks in the summer on any type of construction. Never learned enough of anything to pretend I was in the trades. Yet at the same time , love and respect the trades and those that do it that I never want to walk away. Sons are far better than I at talking about it, some of you may remember Broken Glass, I know he still brings up some people and conversations from here. Used to dazzle him when he would read about all the projects and various trade subjects that went on here. There were a lot at the time. Anyway, this is long, but I feel I owe it to the folks here that truly live in the world of carpentry, plumbing…and all other trades,(some not involving building). For the last 20 years have worked with rental properties as a side job. Most of these are in the ghettos and present it’s own world of problems. But it is good to play around with everything (electrical, plumbing, drywall..)

    edmonton, AB

    A few more months and I will be a journeyman plumber/gas fitter.


    A few more months and I will be a journeyman plumber/gas fitter.

    For some reason, I thought you were into electrical stuff Kyle. But now that you mention it, yea, there’s always something to do with pipes in your pics. I guess I was seeing some of those pics as conduits instead of piping. Lol.

    Kamloops, BC

    What ever happened to @Broken Glass, @Siberian?

    B. O. T.
    I’m a carpenter, trying to focus on remodeling lately.
    Background in modular camp set ups, light commercial construction. Non practicing horticulturist and former landscape installer.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.

    Etobicoke, ON

    IT Manager by trade, if you want to call it that?

    Learnt a lot of what I know today from my dad, who was a Cement head by trade but also a carpenter.

    Have been into home renos for over 30 years, prefer the demo side of it and framing. Done quite a few hardwood floors and bathrooms.

    Hobby is working on my car but the warden always has a honey do list for the house.

    “If you don’t pass on the knowledge you have to others, it Dies with you”
    — Glenn Botting


    IT Manager by trade, if you want to call it that?

    Learnt a lot of what I know today from my dad, who was a Cement head by trade but also a carpenter.

    Have been into home renos for over 30 years, prefer the demo side of it and framing. Done quite a few hardwood floors and bathrooms.

    Hobby is working on my car but the warden always has a honey do list for the house.

    IT (well, Operations) Director as well, over at Quebecor, specifically Digital Products and Platforms for the Media group (TVA, Canoe, the newspapers, etc).

    Former private paramedic, former volunteer rescue unit member and officer.

    From my father and grandfather (Dad an electronic tech, grandpa a navy man who moved on to mechanic at oil refineries), I learned how to do most things (drywall, basic plumbing and electrical, simple framing, etc) From Rescue, I learned how to do it safely. Now forums like this, and youtube tutorials are giving me a better understanding of how to do it right

    My past life as a paramedic has me a bit more concerned than most about safety, both direct (getting bit) and indirect (dust and contaminants) – not because Im the paranoid faint-of heart, but because I have treated far far too many people who had a dumb accident, some of whom did not make it, and others lost pieces. Transported too many older folks with COPD/emphysema who always felt the need to tell me what did it to them, and a lot were dust from working in dirty conditions. Most were smokers too.

    I had to get out of that life. It was making me cold and heartless. Im not built for sitting around until something happens, and it was time to leave when I started hoping for something real bad to happen so I would have something to do.



    Durham region, ON

    woodworker,knife maker, you need something done and i’ll do it. and I learnt most if not all my reno work from @58chev . Hobbies are to make anything and everything that I find interesting and worth my time.

    North Bay, ON

    Fully retired now. Educated as a metallurgist, worked in labs a few years after graduation, Got bored and spent about 10 years working as an antique picker. Got into sales and spent 20 – odd years selling assembly hand tools and automated assembly systems. Was downsized and became a barbeque caterer for another 10 years or so.

    Got the wood bug working with antiques, learned about houses and renovation when I bought my first home, flipped a few renos part-time. Finally got into furniture building and woodworking as a hobby. Still do renovations, won’t go on a roof anymore, still working on drywall skills.

    I really enjoy the variety of skills and experience of the members of this site. Put them all together and they could produce the most spectacular home or commercial space imaginable from the ground up to fully finished and furnished. Hats off to you all!

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    East Palestine, Ohio

    My trade is carpentry – I would say my preferred area is finish carpentry (trim, built ins, cabinets), I enjoy it and it is my strong suit. I also rough frame, stack roofs, build forms, etc. Beyond carpentry I am also a pretty good roofer, drywaller (hang and finish), concrete, tile, plumbing, electrical….well – a lot of different things.

    I am also a fair hand with equipment; I have ran bulldozer, hoes, and skidsteers. I am a shadetree mechanic, mostly learned how to work on cars from having clunkers for a lot of years. Some books and YouTube videos have helped in that area too. I am a self taught welder – not great at it but good enough to get the job done. I have always wanted to take some welding classes to get better but have never found the time. Recently I have been helping a guy out a couple evenings a week painting motorcycles. All I have done so far is tear the bikes down and prep parts for paint but will probably spray some primer next week.


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    Member since 12/07/2013

    edmonton, AB

    What happened to all of the electricians here?

    New Franklin, OH

    I started in 9th grade building apartments and the guy taught me from the foundation up. Was the best education I ever got. I moved to Georgia when there was no work to be had in Ohio and worked at a college as a maintenance foreman. After 8 years moved back to Ohio and started my own cabinet and furniture shop. Did that for 14 years.
    Sold the shop and did countertops for several years then moved to a company that did restaurant, hotels, casinos, stores etc. interiors. I was the lead cabinet maker. Company went under when the economy crashed.
    Now I work alone doing kitchens and baths or any other home related projects. The body is showing signs of wear and tear so I have to pick and choose what I do now.

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I have been around woodworking all my life . I built new homes , renovations , decks , fences , sheds , gazebos , pole barns , roofing , trimming , building terrace doors , installing kitchens , interlocking brick ,insulating and drywall .
    I also dabble in birdhouse building 🙂

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