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    It’s been awhile since I was here last. Lots of work. It just kept going and going.

    This is one of them. A pretty sizable project I got done right before Christmas. I helped the GC on this one doing some remodeling and framing. The framing just about killed me. I had an MRI done, they said it was a tendon tear in my lower back, so pretty much…that’s all she wrote for framing for me. I can do a day or so, but beyond that…

    Anyway, enough of my cry baby poor me stuff. Three kitchens, a vanity, storage bench, 4 wood countertops, 18′ long beam wrap, mantle, and a partridge in a pear tree has kept me busy all this time. Learned some stuff along the way. Tried a new finish product, which is about the most stunning and durable finish I have seen yet.

    All coming soon to a theater near you.


    Kitchen is simply gorgeous Kent!

    Is the dog “house” in a former fireplace?

    What is the new secret finish that you love?

    John S


    Very nice.

    What’s the finishing product you allude to and how did you apply it?


    Dog house was an idea by the GC. It is a dead area under the stairs.

    The finish I just put on one of the wood counters I just did. Peruvian Walnut, so I had to seal it off completely from food and water. My supplier said euro bild, which is what most would call a 2k euro polyurethane. It’s a 2 part mixture. Nasty as hell. Dries in 30 minutes. Very, very durable.

    Akron, OH

    Good to hear from ya Kent. Glad things are going well for you. Love that Fidoplace.


    The finish is a spray on product. No brushes or lambswool. 2 hour pot life, so I burned through some serious amount of “thinner”. Cleaned my line and gun thoroughly. This stuff hardens like one of those rubber bouncy balls. Quickly too.

    I don’t think it is as scratch and Mar resistant as some of the floor poly though. You can leave a very slight mark, but it’s nothing like the mark and scratches that would be left with conversion varnish.

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Great work that is a good idea for the dead space under the stairs!!

    Holladay, Tn

    Been a while Kent. Hate to hear about your back. That has to be ruff.
    Kitchen looks great. And the doggy spot is a neat idea.


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    west bend, wi

    looks good clean and classic always works


    It all looks great Kent!

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    doer of all , master of none.

    Rogers, Ohio

    Good to see you back Kent! Sorry to hear about your back – thst sucks. The kitchen looks great, nice work as usual.


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    Nice job you did on the kitchen . And welcome back looking forward too seeing more picture projects .

    Always willing to learn .


    Sorry you had to be away. Glad your back and hope thins keep going to the positive.

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    Back problems can shut ya down quick. Really like the doggie nook.

    Kamloops, BC

    Looks great Kent, and good to see you back around here.
    Did you build all the cabs in that house?
    Those inset doors…were they tricky?
    Cool looking doghouse.
    Nice to learn about a new finish product.

    Aaaaand, I don’t see any padding under those systainers on the customers hardwood floor 😀

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.


    You’re the second person that’s told me that 🙂 They have rubber feet.


    Back pain is just an everyday thing at this point. Some days I push it too far and suffer. Most days it’s fine.

    Inset doors is pretty much a standard thing around here. There are tricks to it, but it all comes down to knowing that everything needs to be cut perfectly square and parallel. It’s easy to cut things close enough and get it….close enough, but when you get it right, it is such a pleasure to work with since the end result is….well, I think you see.


    Welcome back. It is great that you have been busy. The kitchen looks fantastic.

    Orange County, CA

    In the Rice Fields, South TX

    A pretty sizable project I got done

    Beautiful work all around, but the dogplace is my favorite 🙂 .
    Take care of your back and follow the therapist’s orders on exercises for stretches and strengthening. Most people stop too early.

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