What Hammer you Swinging ?

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    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I have 3 Estwing hammers 20,22 and 28 oz, They all come in handy depending on what I am doing . Most of the time I use nail guns .



    20 oz estwing straight claw. Only hammer I’ve ever really used.

    Tried a dewalt mig weld, couldn’t stand it. Same with the Fatmax. Never liked a curved claw at all.

    I’d like to upgrade someday. Thinking stiletto Woden handle. Just like the feel of a wood hammer handle.


    Foam Lake, SK

    another estwing user. 20oz and 30oz Like them both. But I do like the feel of a wooden handle hammer in the shop for light work.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!


    Miramichi, New-Brunswick

    I like the 22oz Estwing and the 18 oz Craftsman. For some reason I’ve put away my generic wooden handle. Perhaps it’s because I had it slip my hand after it got sweaty and wet working outside on a hot summer day.


    Brick, NJ, 500,000 HAM

    I use a 16oz cheapie. Reason is it seems ever few months it disappears. Like suppose if I had an expensive one I might be more inclined to make sure I always have it. Hmmmm


    Man great thread! I was going to favorite it but I see it’s mine Could I get some favorites form from the crowd

    haha I am glad you like your own thread 🙂

    I too use just a 16 oz cheapie right now, but I am contemplating how “nice” to upgrade for the framing coming up this summer. It would just be a summer gig, but I would rather make framing a good bit easier on my arm and do whatever I can to make it be a bit faster as well. Any thoughts? Should I consider something like the dewalt mig hammer or move up into a stiletto?

    John S


    i have a 22oz estwing smooth face, pretty much bulletproof. and a Husky 25oz milled face hickory handle.


    Kamloops, BC

    I like to use a 20 oz. Douglas framer for general work, framing, etc…pretty much my “go to” hammer. I’ve got a 22 oz Stanley steel anti vibe that I use for concrete work and smashin’ things. And for trim and siding (if it ever comes up) I use an 18 oz Douglas smooth face.
    I’ve got a couple of retired and back up 20 oz framers kicking around in the shed as well…all wooden handles. I’d like a Ti-bone one day, but am super happy with my Douglas hammers for now. I do really like the Dalluge ti hammer though…so that may be in the future.

    Lurking Hit and Run poster.


    Central America, (Kansas)

    28 oz Estwing (love that ping!) or a 16 oz smooth face for trim work.

    Don’t seem to hand nail much anymore, so it’s kind of fun when I do..



    21 oz. milled face hickory framer and 20 oz. smooth face hickory framer. both husky steel heads with $5 craftsman handles.

    just bought a box of 4 estwing 20 Oz. hickory framers off ebay for $25 shipped. made in USA. can’t believe the price. gotta see how they are when they come to my door.


    Murray, KY

    When I was young and trying to keep up with the big boys on the crew (we were building chicken barns at the time )I used a 28 oz. Estwing. Stilettos weren’t available then that I know of, but my elbow wishes they had been! Nowadays I don’t swing a hammer that much, but I prefer a wood handle.

    Here’s one I’d like to try sometime…http://www.hardcorehammers.com/index.html



    Not sure about the hardcore hammer. I would think that the smooth ring is gonna hit the wood every time.


    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Here’s one I’d like to try sometime…http://www.hardcorehammers.com/index.html

    That hammer does look interesting and I’d like to give it a go too.


    A Working Pro since 1988!

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    oswego, NY

    I use a 22 oz. estwing


    Globe, AZ

    19oz Vaughn Cali framer for framing
    16oz Stanley finish hammer
    Wal-Board 12oz(??) drywall hammer
    23oz Estwing for demo and concrete forming
    6lb (unknown brand) for demo and driving steel stakes


    For framimg it’s a Dewalt 15 oz. Mig welded waffle face. For general purpose it’s the smooth face 14 oz. Dewalt. For trim it’s an older Stanley 14 oz. Then for electrical work I have a cheap HF fiberglass hammer. I’ll have to put them together for a family photo.


    A Working Pro since 1995!

    Member since March 26, 2014.


    Holladay, Tn

    Vaughn Cali framer
    Estwing straight claw for all the smaller stuff.


    A Working Pro since 1994!

    Member since March 26, 2014.


    New Hartford, IA

    14oz stiletto for framing, 16oz estwing leather grip for finish carpentry, 20oz fat max anti vibe for demo and smashing things



    I have a 25oz wood hatchet handled estwing framing hammer and I love it. I can sink a 16 in 2 hits which is nice because I still do some hand nailing for stuff were an airhose will get in the way and for small bits of framing were I can hand bang it quicker than getting out the compressor gun and hose.

    I have used a friends 15 oz tibone hammer before and considering it costs almost as much as my nail bags I just wasn’t that impressed with it. It may be because I am still young and the weight doesn’t bother me at all.


    22 oz estwing and a 14oz plumb fiberglass for trim.

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