What are your Workshop Goals for 2019

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    Montreal , QC, Canada

    In trying to bring some semblance of order to my new shop, it has become apparent that I need more storage. My next project will building top cabinets to accommodate all the bits and pieces that are cluttering nearly every work surface and a lot of the floor, too

    I will be sourcing some pine and doing the same as my old shop, cabinet boxes, backs and doors, all in solid wood. I just can’t justify spending the money for plywood when I have access to solid. Much less waste with solid as well.

    That should be good all in pine , how many do you think you will make.

    If they’re anything like the ones you built in the old shop they will be handy, and good looking too.

    Thanks, Jim, I’m looking forward to having a place to put stuff.

    Brian, I’m thinking of one full 16′ wall plus a part of the adjoining wall. Doors are not a priority yet but eventually. The last ones were a standard 12″ deep; I’m thinking these will be 14 or maybe 16″ deep.

    Wow , that’s definitely going to be great storage Peter , good idea. I like how you think , doors are not a priority , but the cabinets are 👍

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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