What are your Workshop Goals for 2019

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    Madoc, ON

    Ok now we are into 2019. What are your Workshop goals for 2019.

    What projects you would like to do?

    What tools you would like to buy?

    What would you like to learn?

    Feel free to add more.

    I managed to get a few goals of my list. I would like to do a better job this year.

    I still need to work on getting my Workshop organized for better work flow is top on my l.

    Build a Outfeed /Assembly Table.

    Build Lathe stand and so I can get my lathe working.

    Get my new planer up and running.

    Rebuild my 2300 Beaver Band saw.

    I not sure if want to add too much more to my list as really want to get these done this year. Alot will depend on how much shop time I get.

    Here is the link for 2018 thread:

    Lets hear what your goals are for 2019.




    Near Glacier National Park, MT

    Interesting topics for sure.

    I would like to get my Delta old iron shaper rebuilt (currently torn down the the last bolt).

    Purchases – I would say a new CMS would be on the top of the list. I have a 12″ Dewalt that has been well used to the point it really should be retired.

    Projects – too many to list at this point. A number of woodworking projects and with the recent addition of a welder to the shop, some metal projects are right around the corner.

    From the Northwest corner of Montana.


    Madoc, ON

    Projects – too many to list at this point. A number of woodworking projects

    I have a few myself. I didn’t bother to mention either.




    Ajax, ON

    I’ve got some drawers I’ve been meaning to install in my shop that keep on getting deferred now for years. Maybe this year will be the year. Other than that, just the odd minor tweaks in my main shop may get done, but that’s a never ending thing that happens as I go along.


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    Listowel, ON

    Other than some more cleanup and declutter (an ongoing issue with me) I’m pretty happy with my shop setup.

    My sharpening area will be getting some attention to make it more accessible and user friendly and I will be beginning to do some turning this year.

    It will be a more project oriented year for me.

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    Holladay, Tn

    Biggest goal for 2019 would be having more paid time in the shop.


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    First is to replace my jointer blades with a Shelix cutterhead and then recalibrating the jointer to work great. Mine needs realignment.

    Second is to clear up all the backlogged projects so the shop is cleared of all the half finished projects.

    Third is to tear into some wood bowl blanks and make some bowls.

    Unfortunately, it will probably take all year to get there with all the other things going on in my life.


    Madoc, ON

    Nice to see some Goals coming in guys!




    I’d love to get the electric in the shop but the wife wants 4 windows and the skirting done which will probably eat up the budget. Other things I’d like to do is finish the work bench, maybe figure out some wood storage too. I have shop windows to trim out too.

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    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Biggest goal for 2019 would be having more paid time in the shop.

    That’s always a good way to work , right at home.


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    Montreal , QC, Canada

    Biggest goal for 2019 would be having more paid time in the shop.

    That’s an excellent point Ron
    I’ve decided now that I’ll be 56 this year ef it all , I’m going to be working less , and trying to get projects finished at home.
    Don’t want to be in my later years and regret some of the decisions I made or didn’t make 🤔

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