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    North Bay, ON

    Woho just ordered the blower
    thanks jim (happy dance) (happy dance) lol

    Congrats on that, Brian, looking forward to your review.

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    Holladay, Tn

    @MrToolJunkie Hey Scot this one has broken. Care to start another?


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    @mrtooljunkie Hey Scot this one has broken. Care to start another?

    Scott sent me a PM 2 weeks ago and asked me to get one started should he not be back yet from his 3 weeks absence/trip.

    Here’s the new one…..



    Could a mod shut this one down please. Thanks!

    . @jkirk @chadm

    Belleville, ON

    Also I was checking out the pants again I like the Bantam Stone

    Where do you see Bantam ‘Stone’?

    Yeah you are probably right I would want something light. Are you talking about Bantam Short Khaki ones in the shorts?

    Those ones are nice and light as described. The heavy workers are thick and canvas like as described.

    I might forget about getting a second pair of shorts and just keep saving for the new compact brushless recip kit when it arrives on the list. Gonna try wearing the work kilt that should be arriving this week for the brutal hot days left in our summer. Still somewhat undecided at this juncture. If I was gonna get a second pair of shorts, I myself am torn between the heavy worker and the bantams also. If they had the 1500s in a size 42, I’d get that, but they don’t.

    The Bantam stone are the bottom of the page.

    I am really undecided too. If I should get a pair a shorts as summer going to be over soon. I thinking I should just save up for pants or something else. I am still thinking the Bosch jacket or do I get a tool. The question is what would use the most.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1,001 through 1,004 (of 1,004 total)
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