Waterproofing shower penetrations.

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    What are you all doing to seal around shower plumbing penetrations? It always seems so odd to me that we spend countless hours worrying about every little hole but leave a gaping hole right behind the shower valve trim.

    I haven’t come up with a good system yet but I’d love to see if anyone has. For the tub filler I just bring the waterproofing fabric right around the pipe and paint it with the liquid membrane.


    Do you mean something like this .

    Always willing to learn .

    South Kingstown, RI

    Yeah! Is that bought or did you rig it?


    That looks like a kerdi shower valve flashing. We have used those before and they seem to work well. They also make one that works with a shower head pipe.


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    I’ve never done a shower, but it seems odd that there wouldn’t be a half a dozen options out there. Someone will know!

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    Schluter systems makes gaskets for shower penetrations,as well as the valve gasket above.

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    I have used the Kerdi penetration seal and the Laticrete Hydro Ban seals and I always put a bead of silicone behind the top half of the trim rings.


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    Good to know about the rings guys. I putty the trim rings but the secondary barrier was something I hadn’t really thought about too hard. I’ve always run a bead of silicone between the tile and membrane around the valve opening but I was just thinking there had to be a more elegant solution.

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    I’ve used kerdi many of times with no problems.


    I use the preformed pipe and mixing valve seals from Schluter when I can


    We use the Schluter stuff quite frequently. On shower’s that we aren’t doing Kerdi I’ve done the silicone like you Ethan.


    I use the Schluter seals on every shower, except the valve seal doesn’t fit the valve 75% of the time for me.

    Those two places are unlikely places to take on a lot of water. And until recently shower waterproofing hasn’t been a huge thing for the walls. They had to be water resistant and shed water properly but…

    We use a lot of Moentrol diverters– theres just nothing you can do with that hole.

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    With the water typically directed away from the valve and the shower head, I have not seen my install guys do much in these areas. the valve cover is typically gasketed and snugged up with screws that should keep the moisture out fairly well and the hole at the head when covered with an escutcheon would take some fairly wild happenings to get enough water there to get into the wall.

    In a lot of cases, I see manufacturer coming out with products in search of problems, to sell them instead of creating products to solve problems


    As others have said, the Kerdi stuff works great and that is what I used.

    Orange County, CA


    What about that waterproofing stuff in the can that they show works on TV. I should could use the Hair in a can that comes with it. 😉

    I am not a pro. But I play one at home.

    I am just here for l-boxx porn.

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    I use the Kerdi gaskets. In wish they had a square one and a few sizes.

    But like it was said the trim comes with gaskets, so not a while lot to do. I hate it when the trim is siliconed.


    What about that waterproofing stuff in the can that they show works on TV. I should could use the Hair in a can that comes with it. ;-)

    My cousin just used it for a temporary fix on his plumbing drain that was leaking . Said it work like a charm .

    Always willing to learn .


    Kerdi kits are the way to go. I can buy them a la cart at my supply house. Youd be amazed how well they stick on a bed of aqua defense.



    I’ve always thought the same thing, I wasn’t aware these gaskets even existed.


    I’m about to undertake this very job for the first time building a shower stall. Any good books out there on this?

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