Walkway Snow Melting

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    With last nights snowstorm I really appreaciate coming out of my house to a clear dry walkway.

    Since installing this system and writing about it on my site http://www.aconcordcarpenter.com/2010/12/installing-snow-melting-cables-under-a-bluestone-landing-and-walkway-part-1-of-2.html it seems that more and more folks want this sytem. People with disabilities, aging folk and people who have icy walkways.

    Are you seeing a trend toward ice and snow melting systems?

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Thats some slick stuff. I’d love to have a heated driveway. I have heard of this but haven’t seen it yet. Great job on the video and the steps.


    You forgot some of the problems with salting : Kills plantings, can make dogs pads bleed,can kill dogs if they have salt on them and they ingest any by licking, eats away at the soles of shoes/boots, and gets carried in doors on shoe/boot treads, ruins floors, there are more but you know …


    I avoid using salt but when it becomes dangerous, I use as little as possible.


    there is salt made that is safe for house pets… also, dont they make similar systems that heat the floors of houses nowadays instead of/in addition to your typical heating/cooling systems?

    John S


    John ~ yes. The same company , and others, make systems to go under wood, tile and even carpet.

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    rob – have you seen these systems to be cost effective in energy bills?? or what exactly is the appeal of such systems in your house? warm feetsies in the winter? ha

    are there any types of salt that are less harsh to the concrete?

    John S


    Hi John,

    I don’t have this system indoors – yet. If I were building new I’d go hydronic. If remodeling a bathroom its an amazing way to supplement heat as well as have those warm footsies.

    Read this for more in depth info: http://www.aconcordcarpenter.com/2012/01/electric-radiant-floor-heating.html

    The walkway snow melt system is amazing and completely eliminates the need to shovel, chip ice or treat the walkway with snow melt. Its safe and effective for everyone entering or exiting my house.

    Read more here: http://www.aconcordcarpenter.com/2011/01/warmlyyours-snow-melting-system-hard-at-work.html

    Hope this helps…

    As far as electric bills for the snow melt system I have not seen a huge increase. I use 240 v for better efficiency.

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Robert, that’s a neat solution. I know a guy who has ice on the walkway no matter what he does. It’s so bad the post office has been complaining about mail carrier safety! Major liability. He has a dog so salt is out of the question. I can definitely see a market for a setup like this.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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