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    Another cool video of some vacuum clamps…this one is available in North America — a company out of Germany called Schmalz. Would love to add one of these to my bench.


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    Wow, now those are cool. I’ve never seen anything like those before. Are they pricy?

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    Those are pretty sweet. So easy a women and older man can use them. :). They could be really handy, not scaring up a piece by putting it in a vise.


    Depends on how you define pricey :). About $850 or so plus either the compressor or a vacuum pump (that can add lots more money to the mix). They also sell the square pads that are around $225 – $250, which would work for flat areas.

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    It looks like they are available in the US but I cannot find them anywhere on the net.

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    Those suck.

    (see what I did there…?)

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    It looks like they are available in the US but I cannot find them anywhere on the net.

    Tool Home carries them — I know Tom and have ordered stuff from him in the past.


    Also, he suggests Robinair pumps — the 6 CFM pump is less than $400 and a better pump according to Tom. So, a minimal setup will be around $600 – $625 or so. Adding a pump and the full set would be around a grand.

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    That is neat. Now I need to find a use for it.

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    I have too many other tools to consider before I bite on that one. Great concept but do not see a need for it.


    That is neat. Now I need to find a use for it.

    That’s the dangerous thing… Scot and his expensive-tool-posting is helping all of us find reasons to justify the need for something we never would have thought about owning before 😛 😛

    But seriously, that is an impressive clamp… not sure I need it, but it sure adds some versatility and speed to clamping!

    John S


    I could find a use for this in lots of ways — being able to sand and entire piece without clamps getting in the way, even thinner stock; jigsawing (of course :)); edge profiling; securing parts at an angle and a host of other things. It would be super handy. Festool has a Vac Sys but they are not planning on releasing it in North America for some reason.

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    Lee Valley has a line of vacuum clamps and accessories. http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=59743&cat=1,43838

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    That thing is cool!! I’ll take one.


    Those suck.

    (see what I did there…?)

    Its late, I looked at your comment for a minute and thought “wow, a blunt criticism with no explanation…”


    I want some!

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    I just don’t need it. It goes very low on the list.


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    The description says that the material being worked must have at least one non-porous side. Would this be the case often enough to warrant the purchase? Nice, but I’ll wait til the price drops by at least 90% and if I ever find a need for it.


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    Certainly a neat idea

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    That is very cool , I could see that being very handy in my shop for lots of things.


    It’s cool for sure. I think if I had it it would either be never used….or the most useful item in the shop.


    I like it, And could use it a lot. But I ain’t spending that kind of money for one but it is a very cool idea. I spend a lot of extra time and care trying to protect stuff I clamp down

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