V-24 What did you do in the shop site today?

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    Wawa, ON

    Beautiful instrument, Jim. Is that the one with the epoxy all over it?

    Yes, and that was a SOB to clean up. There is still some in the pores of the wood but to do it all, and right, would require the frets removed and the finger board sanded with a radius block, but then you are losing some of the girth on the neck and you have to put in all new frets…yada yada yada….time and money. He just wants it to be playable. It was his first guitar, given to him by his grandfather who used to play it.

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    Covington, KY

    Had to put up some plywood in the garage today then run over to my last job to take care of a couple things like a squeaky door. It’s a good thing the jobs are about a mile away.

    Akron, OH

    We set all of our rear trusses with the Lull today. This will prevent the crane from needing two set ups when he arrives. We also buttoned up some sheathing and Tyvek, finished a few walls, and did most of the truss layout.

    Wayne, NJ

    I cleaned up the garbages from the project i was working on scrap some metals then installed most of the recessed lights ill take a picture tomorrow was a hard day under the rain trykng to load the garnage and cast iron tub


    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    Installed erosion control on a site today then got the siders going on another site. I had one crew working on a deck and another trimming in one of our houses. Trying to get some paperwork done tonight and finish up a proposal.

    Toronto, ON

    Did some refresher courses to keep up to date today and added a few small certs.

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    Palm Springs, CA

    I winterized my neighbors swamp cooler today. I knew they haven’t done it because they have no experience with it and it was not covered up.
    I also cut up some scrap lumber to fire up the woodstove for the next few weeks.
    Stacked up a few logs in the garage and next to the fireplace, so that I don’t have to go outside so often to refill.

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    Palm Springs, CA

    Bellingham, WA

    I was running around like crazy today after a day and a half out with my wife being sick. I had a new piece of equipment break, some leaking going on in our commercial kitchen’s dishwasher, wall heater that went out in an office, and a few different meetings to set up all in the four hours I was on site. Nice that it went quickly though.




    I finished putting on the corner locks for my flip top stand and added the tools. Now I just need to add the rockler workbench casters

    Holladay, Tn

    I finished putting on the corner locks for my flip top stand and added the tools. Now I just need to add the rockler workbench casters

    Good idea on the flip table. @thedude306 did a version that I really liked. Looks like your top would have some play in it with the design of the locks. Wonder if you added some spacers if you could eliminate that and make the top level?


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Viewing 10 posts - 941 through 950 (of 950 total)
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