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    Thought it might be nice to have around the house and when I have to walk a good distance when I am out in the country helping a buddy at his place… But I am not thinking the ease of having it on my back is worth the loss of tool space and organization from traditional tool bags… And it really isn’t that comfortable to have all the tools on my back…

    John S


    I don’t usually carry my tool bag long enough to make it worth putting on my back. Usually it’s from the shop to the truck and then from the truck to where I’m working in. I suppose one thing a backpack style would work well for is freeing up your hands so that you can carry other items in your hands. Have you decided if you’re going to keep it yet John?



    halifax, nova scotia

    i could see it being a good idea for service technicians. or an apprentice whos just starting out and doesnt have a vehicle.. they can wear their hand tool bag on their back on the way to and from work

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Tool pouch for everyday day use. Bucket for larger tools and separate bags for my meters/testers, ratchets. And of course larger heavier tool bags for my power tools


    Good point Jeff – service technicians are clearly the target audience… I was just thinking it might be nice to have my hands free and my forearms not sore after lugging my tool bag around… But to answer Dan’s question… I am still chewing on it, but honestly it will probably go back to the store :\ Back to the drawing board! Must I give in to this veto pro pac stuff? I just might haha…

    John S


    Service guys who work in large environments seem to be the target for this backpack. One reviewer was a telecom tech in a large building, and another was an electrician working in a large plant. Sounds like a good solution for that type of work, all your essential tools in a hands free package. Not so much for carpentry/handyman stuff.


    halifax, nova scotia

    thats just it kevin.. its perfect for the guys working on the buildings.. when i worked on new apartment buildings and did service work at the university i had a cart that i kept everything on so i didnt have to make multiple trips for tools, everything was on board.. the backpack sorta does the exact same thing

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    I too have used the service cart, the downfall being stairs…. great once you get there. I hate wasting time with stupid unnecessary trips back and forth to the truck.



    Love the idea of a service cart for the same purposes, but I too agree that the downfall is changing levels. Part of why I don’t have one even for just around my house – since my tools are all in the basement and not exactly fun to get up the stairs

    John S


    What about elevators? Don’t most commercial building have them? Maybe not apartments.

    My rolling Husky bags do OK on stairs, not great, but OK.

    Mark E.

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    halifax, nova scotia

    mark, yes most buidlings do have elevators but not all of them allow carts on them.. if they have one you have to use the service elevator. on new apartment buildings going up the elevators arent always installed yet so you have to lug your cart up or down to the floor you want to be on and then run all your tools up or down to reload the cart

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Mark – I thought real men skipped elevators and just used the stairs 😛 haha you are right, but I am not using tools in commercial settings ever

    John S


    It looks like Stanley FatMax has come out with an interesting new rolling tool case. Not sure it is big enough to really lug a lot of stuff around, but it is another interesting design on the market at least.


    John S


    That would be cool for alarm / video guys . Tools ready on the go .

    Always willing to learn .

    Fayetteville, NC

    Very nice for repairmen/installers vs carpenters or builders. Good find.

    Automotive Pro
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    San Antonio, Texas

    Cool case.



    Anyone know anything about the cost or durability.


    Cool concept. Looks like it could serve a traveling technician very well.


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    A tool bags will keep your tools organized and accessible but not suggested for heavy jobs. For smaller jobs tool bags are really helpful.

    Jayasankar,, nice link on the bags. What do you think will work on the heaver jobs???


    Rogers, Ohio

    @dirtywhiteboy thanks! Lots of spammers lately.


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