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    I agree @doobie I also found those 2 useful I haven’t found the cedar planks yet but that is because I haven’t went with a friend to Costco. Also the bacon weave scored points with the wife especially when I told her I got it off BTP it proves that I’m not always “messing around online” lol.


    I’ve pretty much settled on this site as my main go to and I don’t want to go to other sites to see what good movies are out there

    Huh? Surely yer not serious LOL? But if so considering yer a self proclaimed $hit starter here’s a solution for ya, you could open up a new tab and click the link I’ve even provided. Man, I know it’s a bit of a hassle to click 2 more times but I think you can handle it. Problem solved http://siskelandebert.org/

    You might be treading on dangerous ground by limiting the conversations. I don’t think the original administrators ever meant that to happen

    I highly doubt the originals would agree to having so much discussion on non construction/non tools type threads, Here’s an example of the available topics way back in the beginning. Can you imagine what would have happened if you would have started a topic like; ‘What did ya watch on TV last night’…Or; ‘I had a big mac for lunch yesterday’? You were here in the infant stage of the place and I see you didn’t start one LOL.


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    rough cut wood deals?

    Mt Prospect, IL

    Guys I need some help…
    I stopped getting updates about two months ago and all requests to ‘management’ are not being answered.
    I post but never get the responses or on going conversations, could someone check this for me, thanks

    Rob, I sent you emails in response to your question on not getting updates. Not sure if you received them, apparently not. I sent you the screenshot below to make sure that you are checking the box to get notified when there is a response to a thread. Not sure what the issue you are specifically having but sometimes if you try clearing your cache and cookies that can help or use a different browser such as IE or Chrome and see if that helps. Typically this is a local end user issue that has something to do with the various settings that they have for their browser.

    Always happy to help in any way I can, just not sure what is causing your issue as it does not seem to be widespread since you are the only member who has an issue with this at this time.



    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com

    Mt Prospect, IL

    hey guys, there were a few other options on the table but believe me you wouldn’t like them.

    I would love to hear about some of the other options.

    For one, if you do not want to give points to certain topics, I’m fine with that. I’ve pretty much settled on this site as my main go to and I don’t want to go to other sites to see what good movies are out there, for instance. Cut off the points for this topic if you like.

    You might be treading on dangerous ground by limiting the conversations. I don’t think the original administrators ever meant that to happen. Just cut off the points for those topics.

    et al, the other options included just reducing overall points for posts to say 25 or 50 points, as well as restricting posts to a certain length in order to get points. In addition there is another option that we discussed in which no one would get any points at all unless they passed a certain amount of time and number of “qualified” posts in order to qualify for points at all. There is also another option of increasing the points ratio so that you would need 2 or 3X the number of points to redeem for an item (which would also reduce the number of high ticket priced items available as rewards). None of these are very feasible now wanted from a user experience and management standpoint.

    Lastly, we do not have the technical ability from an automated standpoint to just award points on specific topics, so that is off the table as well.

    What we have tried to do is formalize the rules of engagement so to speak so that Moderators have a guideline when evaluating member’s contributions to the site, and ultimately the value of user’s posts to the overall knowledge base of the site. Food, movies, weather and topics unrelated to construction and tools are fine as long as this doesn’t become a recipe site. The Sponsors, who have been very generous with rewards, are supporting the site to grow a community of like minded construction professionals where they (the Sponsors) can learn from actual on the job experiences.

    They understand that like on a jobsite, a certain amount of “chatter” occurs and thus it is the same for the site. But we can’t have it get out of hand. It is a delicate balance running a forum like this and the rules set out to give a roadmap of acceptable behavior. No one, including the Sponsors, want the community to become too rigid or sterile as that would not attract new users and would probably stifle discussions. On the other hand we don’t want an “anything goes” mentality like most of the other construction communities online. The Moderators know what our intentions are and that is why they have been involved in crafting this more formal approach so when new members come into the community they are not lost, and have some road map they can turn to when they are getting started posting and responding.

    Bottom line, we have a great community and it is expanding. BTP leads all construction communities in terms of post growth month over month by 600% or more (BTP post growth is an avg. 7.45% month over month, compared to industry avg. of 0.74%). This is a sign of a vibrant and engaged community and we have no intention of stifling that. We just have to balance the content so that points awarded are for the most part increasing the overall knowledge base of the forum. That is the major goal from the site’s inception and will continue to be our focus as we move forward.

    Thank you to all members who are dedicated to seeing this site thrive and expand. It is truly a unique community online and we intend to keep it that way.



    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com

    East Palestine, Ohio

    I wanted to re-post this here to make sure that all members saw it.
    The rant thread was closed because it regularly was a cause of contention. Dabbs and I discussed the issue and felt that the best way to resolve the recurring arguments that popped up in that thread was to close it.

    Neither Dabbs or I or any of the other moderators want to have to close threads – we prefer to gently moderate the conversation not censor it. But when a thread becomes detrimental to the forum in general steps need to be taken. The rant thread had become detrimental and a time consumer for the moderators – the last thing we want to do is put out fires.

    This forum has a lot of different people from many different walks of life – the occasional argument is bound to happen, it would be foolish to expect different. What the moderators and administrators of this forum do expect is that all of us conduct ourselves as adults. When disagreements do happen a polite debate is acceptable, anything beyond that needs to be taken to private messages or email.


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