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    We all need to sharpen up and get back to business here with our topics/posts rather than having so many meaningless point filler trash. BTP is becoming bigger and the word is spreading so that’s a great thing for our future and for the sponsors.

    It’s almost embarrassing to have a Pro come aboard expecting to find a place to share knowledge, ideas, ask questions and show projects with other peeps that have the same interests. But instead they’ll see a page of worthless topics titled with stuff like The Weather, Game of Thrones, Utube videos, Comedian videos, Food, Grill, Mushrooms, Do you like cars, Vent about anything, And even a post with a link to a religious seminar…. etc. And we have three similar threads running now about ‘What do you watch on TV’, and another for Vikings Tv mini series, and ‘What movie did you watch last night’….

    I took these examples from the first couple pages of topics just for the purpose of examples ONLY. The really disturbing fact I found was 21 out of the top 25 topics were worthless and had nothing to do with construction or tools, We need to turn that percentage around as it is NOT the intent of BTP and our sponsors. I’m not pointing fingers or calling anyone out, It’s just what WE have let the place evolve into. Don’t get me wrong, A little ‘talk around the jobsite’ is great and actually healthy for the place. It allows the Pro’s to interact and get to know each other making it a nice place to relax also.

    But the growing problem is we’re having members live on these non-business non-work non-tool related threads just for a quick meaningless post, obviously for an easy point grab. Therefore they are not contributing to or even reading the business threads which are the original intent of BTP and why it exists.   If this is you, then you need to read the Rules of the site a little closer.

    For this place to survive with the very generous rewards system we must get back to business for the sake of our sponsors. I’m pretty sure they don’t care what someone had for lunch last week or what they watched on TV last night. Especially when it’s available for someone to post the same thing in 2-3 similar threads, It’s getting way out of hand.

    We the Mod team will be closing some of these worthless and similar/duplicate threads. Don’t worry, we will be leaving some of them too but only as long as they don’t get abused. In case some of you have forgotten, We are a Pro Construction Community..

    About Us
    BeThePro.com is a construction industry information source for professionals working in the North American market sponsored by leading construction manufacturers. It features full-length articles written by our expert Guest Pros, construction news from around the web and a forum to share and learn from other pros.


    Thank you. I spend less time here because the first 2 pages are usually nothing I’m interested in.

    Robert Shaw -Colorado Deck and Framing

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    Thank you. I spend less time here because the first 2 pages are usually nothing I’m interested in.

    I hope to see a lot more building threads or on the site pics . It is always nice to see what everyone is working on .

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Well said Boyd, thank you.


    Thank you. I spend less time here because the first 2 pages are usually nothing I’m interested in.

    I hope to see a lot more building threads or on the site pics . It is always nice to see what everyone is working on .

    I hope to see more threads from actual construction professionals – be they about tools, methods, marketing strategies, etc. No offense to anyone, but that was the lure here.

    Bloomington, IN

    I agree with this. While I’m just as guilty as any about perpetuating the side topics, the real point of this forum is things related to construction. We all need to help get the focus back squarely back in that area.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction

    west bend, wi

    completely understandable and your probably correct it has gotten a little wild. But as you mentioned some off topic discussion does build community and a sense of belonging. I for one will try to focus more towards on topic discussion


    I’ll be very happy to see things go that way. I don’t post much because there’s not much here I’m interested in, for the same reason Dabbs is saying.

    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    Thank You ,

    I’ve been spending time on the other side of the fence lately.

    It’s about time we talk about the TRADES…

    halifax, nova scotia

    totally understand and agree with what your saying.. ive been guilty of wandering off topic at times. .

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

    Akron, OH

    Does posting here give us points too?

    All kidding aside, I think a lot of us want to post work related topics, but don’t find enough relevant threads to do so. I have never been one to start many threads, but if given a good variety of work related threads, i am not shy about posting what I know.

    Probably not the worst ide for a mod or administrator to start a topic or two when things get stale.


    Doesnt sound like a bad thing, esp since Bosch is holding up to there part so well.

    Toronto, ON

    Right on! Sounds good to me. Thanks @Dabbs

    A Working Pro since 2004

    edmonton, AB

    Nice to see things cleaned up around here. I’ve got a couple reviews in the works. I’m sure with the summer/construction season coming up content will only be getting better here. Thanks again to BTP and Bosch for keeping all of this going.


    Thanks for the message @Dabbs. I understand and concur.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Great post Dabbs.. I agree and am guilty too.
    Dangit,,, does this mean the cake thread will be gone????


    A Working Pro since 1988!

    Member since January 26, 2013.

    Foam Lake, SK

    Cake thread is outa here! 🙂 or at least merged with the other “food” thread. We just don’t need 5 food threads. They can all be thrown together.

    Some great feedback from everyone. I think Dabb’s really nailed it with his post.

    I look forward to upping my contributions and seeing more from others.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!

    elmwood park, NJ

    Part of me thought I was being foolish for not conversing more on nonsense. I like work related talk and tool feedback!

    Working Pro since 1993

    Tom M

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    Great points. I find that I spend less time here when I have to search deep for meaningful threads. I have been wishing someone would say this for a while.


    I agree Dabbs, and am guilty too, i will try to post less in them topics.

    Member since April 4, 2014

    doer of all , master of none.

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