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    Montreal, QC

    So long story short, I’m looking for something new.

    I’m thinking about becoming an electrician, but really don’t know much about the field and hoping you guys can help me out here. So far the course looks like 18 months of study, then 5 years of apprenticeship, then exam for master electrician. Does sounds right?

    How is the pay and employment opportunity/stability in the field during apprenticeship and after becoming master electrician? What type of electrician and work can I expect to be doing?

    My biggest concern is I’m not young anymore, I don’t know how physical is the work and could I expect to do it until retirement, since I don’t want to look for something else when I’m 50.

    Any guidance, especially if you are an electrician in Montreal area, would be greatly appreciated. 😀

    elmwood park, NJ

    I thought about it. I think they are the prima donnas of construction. Paid the most for the least physical work.

    Im too old to go doing apprenticeships but I think its a good route. Carpentry has to be more gratifying but Electricians do better. JMO

    Working Pro since 1993

    Tom M

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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