The Rules of BeThePro – Please Read Before Posting

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    Welcome to the BeThePro.com Community. Current and retired professional contractors, as well as apprentices and students in all trades are welcome here to discuss the work they do, the tools they use and tips and tricks they use to perform their jobs as professionals.

    Like a jobsite, BeThePro has some written and unwritten rules that help this community focus on its mission. The Rules are simple, but failure to follow them can result in being banned from the community, so make sure that you read and follow these simple guidelines so everyone on the forum benefits (you should also read the site Terms of Use to ensure this is the right forum for you).

    NOTE: The Rules below are general guidelines, if you want more specific information and guidelines on daily points cap limits as well as specific bonus points content posting guidelines, click here.


    1) You MUST complete the entire member profile AND extended profile in order to receive points from actions performed on the site. This applies even if you have been a long time member of the community.

    NOTE: As a matter of privacy it is NOT recommended that you use an image of yourself as your icon.  In addition, it is also not advisable to put any identifiable links to emails or phone numbers.  If you choose to do so, you do so at your own risk.  We respect your privacy but if you choose to reveal personal information within the forum or in Private Messages to other members BeThePro.com cannot be responsible for any breaches of your privacy.  When it doubt – leave it out.

    2) New discussion posts should try to be in the form of a question (i.e. Has anyone used this tool?). In the case of sharing experience/knowledge, then naming the post with a “How To” or “The best way to…” is preferred.

    3) There is no selling or soliciting on this forum – none. You may include a link to your business website in your signature – no selling in your signature. Sponsor links and administrator posted links can have sales elements to them as they support the companies that support the site.

    4) Treat other forum members with respect and courtesy at all times.

    5) Absolutely no bullying, profanity, discussion of religion, politics, firearms and race. Improper tool or practices will are also not allowed. If it has the potential to offend or imperil others, use this rule – Think Twice, Post Once.

    6) The only hyperlinks in posts that will be allowed are for illustrative purposes, all other links will be removed. If you link back to your own website to illustrate a technique or job that is fine. The line is drawn at promoting your services, selling or posting “deals” from online and offline sources. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in Disciplinary Actions.

    7) No Points Gaming. Through the generosity of the site’s Sponsors, the site rewards its members with tools and work gear for points earned from posting and supplying content to the site. Any attempt by a member to “game the system” or get rewards points for posts that add little or no value to the discussion will be subject to disciplinary action including being banned from the forum.
    Examples of this include:
    1. Excessive posting that adds little or no value to the discussion.
    2. Excessive posts of less than 25 words or less.
    3. Excessive posting in forum threads that have been inactive for 6 months or more.
    4.Repeatedly posting links to third party websites or links simply for the purpose of garnering points.
    NOTE: These are guidelines, if the site administrator or moderators feels that a member has crossed the line, they may be notified by private message to alert them to the behavior that triggered their concern or simply dealt with accordingly in infraction.

    8) Moderators and Administrators have the authority to hide or delete posts as well as close threads or combine threads. Please abide by their guidance as they have been specially chosen to keep this forum moving in the right direction. Failure to heed a Moderator’s warnings will result in being banned from the site.

    9) This community self polices itself. If members complain to Moderators or the Admin regarding other forum members’ behaviors/posts/comments – it is taken seriously. New and veteran members should review post threads in their entirety before posting to ensure that what they are posting has not already been covered. All decisions by staff/moderators is FINAL.

    Disciplinary Actions:

    1st Offence: Written Warning – this will usually come from a Moderator or Admin letting you know that your activity, intentional or not, is not within the site’s activity boundaries.

    2nd Offence: Points Removal – If you have ignored your 1st Warning, the next step will be any remedy that is deemed appropriate.

    3rd Offense: Permanent Ban – In the most extreme cases a forum member will be banned for repeated offenses. This means that your IP address and email will be recorded and you will no longer be able to be a part of the community.

    Bottom line, just like on a jobsite or anywhere else, if you treat others with respect, remain curious and share your knowledge with the community, you will find BeThePro a fun and informative place to hang out online. Ask questions, get answers and get to know the other members of this forum that offers valuable interaction for pros and avid do-it-yourselfers

    Our goal with this forum is to create a unique place online that you can improve your skills as a member and learn from others whether they be trade professionals or knowledgeable DIY individuals.

    Now that you know the rules, let’s get you started. Click here to check out all the different topics the Pro’s are discussing right now.

    Email us at bethepro@bethepro.com

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