Termites love wood

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    Not sure which forum is most appropriate for this topic but since it’s wood related this one is as good as any I guess.

    Down here in south Florida we have termites. Drywood termites attack from the top, bore in through fascia or rooted roof decks. Subterranean termites attack from below, travel through plumbing holes or cracks in concrete slabs and eat through bottom plates and studs.

    So I have to remove some Sheetrock ceiling in a room due to the ceiling cracking and sagging.

    The reason for the sagging and cracking is because of a previous roof leak which was repaired. However the moisture penetration had rusted many of the nails from the rock to the 3/4″ furrings, and the moisture also invited termites into the attic.

    So they have roof trusses spaced 24″ apart, the perpendicular to it are 1×3 furring spaced 16″ apart. The ceiling was nailed to the furring strips.

    Termites came and ate the furring and turned them into Swiss cheese.

    What’s amazing is all the furring are destroyed, causing the ceiling to sag and crack, but all the bottom chords of the roof trusses are solid as rock and untouched. The termite guy said the reason is the furring is softer “good eating” wood where the trusses are made out of Dade County Pine which is very hard and no longer allowed to be harvested.

    I didn’t know termites pick what wood to eat.

    I know cedar is pest resistant but don’t know if termites will eat it.


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    Yes they will eat cedar if it stays moist. I have remover a lot of eaten cedar. The little bugs cause us a lot of work out here.


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