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    take a look at this picture how would u fix this, there popping out and I will have to get this fixed the right way, this was from a builders contractor..also the floor is separated poor workman ship!!


    Not sure how to fix the floor, but the drywall repair is easy. Set a screw next to the nail pop and drive the nail in deeper. Sometimes, (for example, if the drywall is bowed away from the framing) I’ll use a screw on either side of the nail.


    how would repair it, so u can cover it back to normal


    they didn’t use the right nails or cover them with tape I think that’s y the nails are rusting and the pop corn is coming away like shown, rather than smear caulk on it.

    Jackson, TN

    You don’t have to cover nails with tape unless they’re in a joint, but in my opinion, you shouldn’t have nails in the ceiling drywall anyway. The nail is most likely rusted from the initial coverage. If the nail is backing out, I’d pull it and replace it with a screw. If the screw head doesn’t countersink to the right depth, because of the nail, put another screw nearby also. You’ll have to scrape some of the popcorn off before mudding the screw. Once it’s ready, sand it smooth, then try to blend in with a popcorn spray gun. The hardest part part is blending and not being obvious. If you have several more nail heads popping out, then there are other issues at hand that need to be addressed first.

    The flooring is a little harder. If the gap is from a milling issue where the board is slightly thinner in the middle, then it can be replaced by cutting out and removing (not as easy as it sounds when glued) the old board and re-gluing a modified one in it’s place…provided you can find the same flooring. Usually the contractor can tell you where the flooring came from, or be able to give you more specifics. It may be easier to find a matching filler to make it less obvious. That glue just draws attention to itself.


    thank you for the info guys!! 😉


    I fouldout that using Kilx will hide stains and any odors. I always keep extra popcorn after I do a job. I seem to always find it hard to find.


    I have this lamp in the box brand new and can be put on 110, How would you go about putting it up in your garage, It has 4 small lamps and is very bright, Im looking on some idea’s on having this done and what needs to be done and should this be on it own breaker? any idea’s would be greatly Appreciated, Thank you

    Jackson, TN

    That all depends on it’s use, placement, and how familiar you are with residential wiring. Will it be replacing an existing ceiling light source, an addition to an existing ceiling light source, or maybe an additional hanging light source such as for a work bench? Each use may become a little more complex.

    Also, unless your garage circuit is overloaded, the light wouldn’t need it’s own breaker.


    Check the nameplate and see how
    Much amps it will draw. Usually u can add
    It to an existing circuit. Them check your garage
    Circuit see how any amps your drawing on a full load
    Remember to use a clampmeter not a multi meter
    If you well below the amp rating on your breaker
    Then by all means its safe to install on that
    Same circuit.


    If not run a separate 20 amp circuit for it. Also

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    Many drywall contractors use nails when hanging and nail the edges to support and place the sheets then go back and screw the field. the nail that is popping looks like it is close to a wall, is this the ceiling the attic. If so you amy have truss uplift causing it to pop and fixing it with annother screw will just allow the problem to come back next year. if so remove the nail or break off the head and let it be. the sheets on the wall should support the edge just fine. to patch the hole, add a little nud to cover the hole then Homak makes a popcorn in a can to touch up the ceiling. it is available at most home centers. it does take a little practice to get the distance and spray patern correct so practica a little first.

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