Smoking On the Job site?

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    Do you allow you’re guys or Subs to smoke on the job site?

    Why or Why Not?

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Honesdale, PA

    luckily, I have not had to deal with this. Anyone that I work with either does not smoke, or will only smoke in their Truck. It can be a real issue with some people though.



    I haven’t had to deal with the issue since I rarely have people working for me. I don’t like it when guys do smoke on site though for a couple reasons. I’m not a smoker so I don’t want to be breathing it in second hand, and I think it looks messy to have cigarette butts on the ground everywhere.

    There was one home I was working on where the siding contractors smoked a couple joints at lunch time and then back up onto the scaffolding…good idea eh.




    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    Dan at least you won,t ever see any Joint butts on the ground 😉



    lol that’s true!




    Not a smoker and highly sensitive to tobacco smoke myself. So no.

    I can be driving down the the expressway at full speed with the windows up and smell someone smoking ahead of me.

    There is a state law here that’s outlawed smoking in all public buildings. Most hospitals also prohibit it anywhere on their campus.


    halifax, nova scotia

    we have a few guys on the crew that smoke.. were pretty strict about it. .no smoking inside as the smell can linger for quite a while and people who are really sensitive can smell it months later.. all butts either go in the garbage or in your nailbag until you can dump them

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    No one I work with smokes, but if needed, there would be opportunities for breaks to get their fix. Any more constantly than during breaks would be frowned upon by the other workers. I think the people we do jobs for also greatly prefer that we not smoke. Some might be okay with it, but I know none of them have any issues with us NOT smoking!


    I am not a smoker either, but I agree that for those that need their fix, they should be outside for sure, and not leaving any trace of their habit. It seems these days, it is getting to be less of an issue with it not being allowed in most buildings, etc., as well with allergies and peoples sensitivities to it, it is a good idea to make sure that you are well away from the buildings or houses.



    I say, “Smoke em if ya got em” but that’s just me, I am a smoker, a considerate one, I don’t smoke in other peoples house, car, etc, even if they say it is OK.
    Also, I am a woman, and there is nothing sexier than a hot guy with a smoke hanging out of his mouth while working with power tools!!!, My husband says I am crazy!! LOL but again, thats just me


    Not on premises. State law is 25′ from commercial openings. Just respectful of residential clients. There is always a butt that gets out of the bags.


    it seems that fewer and fewer people smoke these days… or is that just me?

    John S


    I personally don’t mind. As long as they smoke
    On a new construction project and not a remodeling one
    Unless they smoke outside in their truck. I had
    To let go of a couple of friends(coworkers)
    Cuz they were drinking in their trucks at lunch
    Time. My customer was upset.


    Birmingham, Alabama

    No Smoking, Chewing or Dipping on the jobsite … and that goes for the men also!


    Good one Rob


    I only have one sub that smokes – painter. He polices himself but we both agree on “My rule.”

    My rule: “Outside, on your break time or lunch and all buts go in a mason jar and leave site daily.”

    I make sure my clients know that the sub is on his own”break” time

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    This is a real pain at times. Like bad parents we have two sets of rules, one set of rules for residential projects and one for commercial (if I had my way there would only be one rule!).

    On residential jobs guys are all over smoking. Our rule is once the building is weather tight (windows go in) no more smoking in the house. My preference would be no smoking period but it’s nearly impossible to get all the subs to obey.

    On Commercial jobs it’s easier. We run a no smoking policy and commercial subs are used to strict safety rules and seem better adjusted to a no smoking rule.


    Chicago, IL

    I used to smoke, and I was always careful to make sure it wasn’t close to anyone or inside, and all butts went in the trash, all cherries were carefully stamped out. Now that I’ve quit, I wouldn’t want it on my sites.


    Awesome feedback gents – thanks!!!

    Anyone have or work with someone who has a STRICT policy on this?

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    Crystal, MN

    It depends on what kind of jobsites you are working on. New construction…probably not a big deal. Remodels…I would say, “No”. Of course if it is in their car, away from the home, that is another thing. Personally I do not smoke, and so that may be why I lean towards not allowing smoking, but I really think it is unprofessional to be smoking on the job.

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