Show off your Tile projects Vol. 1

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    I’m not sure if there is a thread on showing off your tile work . I did a google search and came up with nothin . So maybe we can post our tile pictures here .

    I recently completed a kitchen backsplash using sheets of stone that were 8×16 . These tiles are set with no joints . So it butted tight to each other . I had a few problems with some of the full sheets . The spacing was off trying to connect to the next tile . So I Cut those fingers out and install new pieces from a scrap sheet . If there were grout joints i could of gotten away with just leaving it .

    Plus there were so my outlets , switchs , cable box’s in this backsplash it really slowed me down doing the cuts . I really underestimated my time for this one . One thing I will say is that the mesh holding the stone pieces on were super strong holding power . Didn’t fall off like i had experienced with similar products .

    Always willing to learn .


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    Great thread idea…I will toss in a few pics to get things rolling.


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    I gotta dig up some pictures. I’ll upload the current bathroom pictures here



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    I recall a thread dealing with Bathroom renos but could not track it down.

    Small bathroom reno from a couple of years ago.
    12″ x 24″ floor tile. 8″ x 10 wall tile.

    I framed the window with floor tile to brake up the wall tile.

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    Just realized my pictures never came throw lol .

    Always willing to learn .


    Simple shower tile design and layout with factory built shelves . Walls are wonder board covered with redgard to make it waterproof for years to come .

    Always willing to learn .


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    @chadm I like the color of the tile in the bathroom shower (5th pic). Very cool.


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    Nice thread idea, and great pictures so far.


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    Simple shower tile design

    Looking good so far Skillman. Nice work.

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    Here is another kitchen tile backsplash we did . Came in sheets of glass and Aluminum .

    Always willing to learn .

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