SharkBite Connector Failures

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    Has anyone seen or heard of a SharkBite connector failure?

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com


    I had not used them before last year,I purchased a property to fix up.I used several and was quite pleased with them.
    They worked great for me.

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    I haven’t used them, but have a friend who works for our local water utility and he says they use them all the time. I just replaced my HWH in Oct. Could have saved some time using them, but I’m still on the fence…. or maybe just old school.


    I used several on copper lines were I was unable to get the water out of the lines to solder worked great!

    Honesdale, PA

    The only issue I ever heard with shark bites is they are not seated right. So in reality user error.

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    lol, pack the line with bread to stop the water,, it will flush thru when you turn the water back on


    the old bread trick ….. tried it once 23 yrs ago clogged every faucet in the house ! LOL


    I know about the bread trick Charles,it wasn’t working for me was just responding to Robert’s question on if anyone had used the shark bites.

    Jackson, TN

    Failures I’ve seen were always related to improper depth and/or bad cuts (very crooked or jagged cuts) on the pipe.


    i hadnt heard about the bread trick…. but that sounds very very interesting haha

    John S


    Same here – failures are always user error. They seem like a quality product

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    We use them occasionally but more tor a temporary fix when remodeling bathrooms and we have to cut off pipes to remove cabinets and the like.
    They are quick and easy. We hane the plumber cut them out when they get to the job to do their rework. Typically we do not leave them as permanent connection


    I had a drain valve go bad on my camper this weekend, Headed to the nearest little town to find a replacement, The only thing they had was a Sharkbite, Hadn’t used one before but I really liked it, Cut the line and slipped it on. No drips yet.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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