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    I’m going to buy a set of abrasives and a single chisel. Some might do it the other way around! :)

    What do you mean a set of abrasives?

    I was thinking this set

    Buddy of mine used those on wood to seal the wood and give it a glass like finish.

    I figure I’d give it a try as well. Good time to buy a “set”. I like this place cuz they can bundle their own Festool sets of consumables vs Lee Valley’s


    This is why i buy sets like these when i come across them. Granted not the best bits made, but for $4.50 on clearance it stocked me up on the fragile smaller bits

    Yep stocking on bits that cheap just makes sense. You can’t beat the price and the you’re right the fragile bits always are breaking.

    I have been pretty lucky, I have been able to restock my bits from work,
    And the last class over years I bought the Bosch black oxide, the cobalt, and the titanium bits. Mu bethepro.com quality, they last and last imo

    The only bit that gave me problems was the 5/32 cement bit that came with the Bosch anchor drive system, looks like the hardened tip let go , forgot what I do drilling with this,

    Those aren’t bad but i’d rather have hss, its just on the fact you can sharpen them, i can’t be bothered running to the store to replace them lol.

    Well don’t know if you noticed, but they do sell sets, and individuals, so you can buy more individuals of the ones you use more, because I can’t be bothered with sharpening 😉

    There is that lol, I just like having them on hand. specially the smaller bits as I’ve somehow snapped them while using them. Perhaps I’ll have to give the bosch ones a go as I have a few metal projects coming up as well.

    Haha, yeah, I have the sets, but also have numerous smaller size bits, just because of what you said about snapping some, hate having to run out just because I snapped a small drill bit, I guess having both options is a good alternative

    Durham region, ON

    well I was lucky a while back Canadian tire was having a sale on TI drill bits. It ended up being a couple hundred drill bits from the same 10 sizes or so and when I snapped one I would always have a replacement. I wanted to buy nicer individual ones for the larger sizes as I have yet to break any of those just dull them. so in essence I am going to go with sets for the smaller pieces to have extra incase of breakage and for larger bit size indivuduals

    Bloomington, IN

    I grabbed a couple sets of Bosch black oxide bits a while back that have been great. Not a single one has broken and they all are still sharp. Certainly not the cheapest out there, but they have been very reliable thus far.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction

    Fayetteville, NC

    I grabbed a couple sets of Bosch black oxide bits a while back that have been great. Not a single one has broken and they all are still sharp.

    Thank you Jon nice to know the Bosch regular bits are holding an edge and standing up to use. If the bits have a bit of flex to them they can bend before breaking.

    Automotive Pro
    Fayetteville, NC

    Akron, OH

    I was cleaning the shop and doing some inventory today. I am sitting well with driver bits and such, but I am getting low on small drill bits. I have a lot of drill bits that are 1/4 inch and larger, but very few that are smaller. I am sure it is because the smaller bits are more prone to breakage.

    I also reassembled a few of the kits that the bits started in. I now know that I prefer the onew where the bits stand on end vs the ones where they lay down.

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