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    It is no surprise that Sears has been struggling of late. Even the little bit that I have known of Sears, it has been sad to watch them struggle so much. ToolGuyd has quite a few articles on their financial updates, but that is another story.

    Well, Sears is closing quite a few stores this next year – for the sake of survival I hope:

    What has been your guys’ experience with Sears? Do you think Sears can survive? Will closing a several stores help?

    John S

    Toronto, ON

    I think companies like Sears are going under. Why would I go to Sears to find a small selection of particular goods when I can shop online or at a store that specializes in carrying the products I’m looking for. I also never seem to find the sales I’m looking for at Sears.

    A Working Pro since 2004

    Fayetteville, NC

    Sad about Sears. I guess it is the nostalgia in me. I bought a lot of tools through their catalog, especially their sales catalogs that they sent out. Heck I used to get the big telephone book catalog in the mail, not the postcard to go pick one up at the store. In my town they are building a new Sears Catalog store. Order on-line and ship to the store for free.

    Automotive Pro
    Fayetteville, NC


    Times have changed and they appear they are going to be a casualty. I drive by a Sears store all the time and wonder why people would shop there. They just don’t seem to have anything that is compelling to go there for. JC Penney is struggling too. Montgomery Ward fell by the wayside a long time ago. As said above, the specialty stores are outselling Sears. The days of the generalist seem to be past.

    Central America, (Kansas)

    When I was a kid, the Sears catalog was like the internet…

    Anything you could want, all in one place.

    Sad how times have changed for them


    Langley, BC

    I think the days of department stores are gone, people want the best price and prefer to shop at specialized stores with a larger selection. There’s just too much overhead for these stores to run profitably anymore.

    Colorado Springs, CO

    a lot of stores have been closing where I live. a Sears appliance store already shut down at the beginning of the year. I like sears but I think online shopping is affecting a lot of store fronts.


    They had a good run, Way back in the early 1900’s they were strong with the catalog. And they did good all the way up to about the early 90’s I’d say for around here, I think the internet hurt them a lot as their prices always were a little high. Back in the day the only competition they had was JC Pennys, Montgomery Wards and maybe Kmart.

    I’ll never forget the run they had with the ‘Die-Hard’ batteries back in the 70’s-80’s, They made millions/billions off of that scam…. When I was a kid it was treat to go to the city and Sears. Even at a very young age I remember hanging out in the tool department waiting for my parents to do their shopping LOL.

    Yeah it’s kinda sad, Like Bill said it’s the nostalgia thing. They seem so all American like apple pie, But honestly I haven’t bought anything big from there in 25 years. And that was a tool cabinet I still use today


    Sears is still a good place to buy tools. Their sales and coupons often yield the best prices. Their biggest problem is the perception that they’re already dead, so most don’t even look there anymore. Their website doesn’t help matters. Way too much of a marketplace feel.

    Foam Lake, SK

    Yup, the catalog was like the internet of today. They refused to evolve and it’s going to bite them in the ass. All these “big” stores could have gotten on the internet ordering a LOT sooner. (walmart is starting to compete with the ease of Amazon, with free shipping) We didn’t purchase a single christmas item or a tool from a brick and mortar store. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time we bought something other then from the lumber stores, at the actual store.

    I’ve spent $$$ this year on tools. Not a single purchase from a local store. The staffs knowledge sucks, their stock sucks, and their prices suck. Even when given the chance to compete, they won’t or can’t.

    It’s too bad. My tool box is full of Craftsman tools.

    Brad T
    Self employed Pro since 2014!!

    Bloomington, IN

    I still shop there occasionally. If my local yard doesn’t have what I’m looking for, I’ll try the box stores, then Sears. Generally, I don’t make it to Sears as I’ve found the brand I’m looking for already. The only thing I go directly to Sears for is Empire products. HD carries them, but they are 45 minutes away.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction


    We had the largest Sears store on our island close. Only two locations left and the selection sucks. I only by Craftsman tools from Sears and hardly anything else.

    Recently I was looking for a lawn mower and went online. Saw a forum post on Google search saying Sears had the model I was looking for. It was actually cheaper than the local guy and even Home Depot. But when I went to the will call area they made me wait and I got a $5 coupon for waiting more than five minutes to get my mower. Kinda hard for them to be giving money away when they can be more efficient.

    For me the reason why I went with Craftsman was I can go to Sears to get replacements when they go bad. If they close and become an online store then the benefits are lost and I would probably go somewhere else.

    A few years ago, I was shopping at HD during the Christmas season and there were all these Husky tool “specials” The prices were really good. I was surpised the quality seemed at least as good as Craftsman do I bought a whole bunch of stuff to make a tool box for my son for Christmas.

    I guess now days companies need to keep up with the competition and not get complacent and be efficient in their operations.


    I’ve still have a few Craftsmen wrenches, But just for spares/extras that I’ve accumulated over the years. I didn’t really care for them. Personally I think the Bob V advertising thing hurt them too, Maybe not for the general public DIYr’s but anyone that knew anything about building could see he was a joke.

    San Antonio, Texas

    It’s a shame that Sears is closing so many stores. I still purchase my appliances from Sears and shop their tool department regularly. I hope they are able to turn things around.


    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    they are a store that had a good run, In the end, they did not evolve as other retailers have. I see JC Penny’s in the same fate. I always thought Sears would be able to make it through the hardware and appliance side. I am not sure now. I do not think the leveraged buyout by Eddie Lampert and Kmart did the company any good also. It will be interesting to see how they end up in the end. I think both chains will eventually disappear. I worked in the construction department at Kmart building and remodeling stores back in the early 90’s and you could see the writing on the walls back then. It was a company with to much buracuracy 20+ years ago, I can only imagine what it is now.


    Between every store selling tool brands and online sales . Box stores are done . If Home Depot or lowes didn’t sell materials they would close up too .

    Always willing to learn .

    Central America, (Kansas)

    . I worked in the construction department at Kmart building and remodeling stores

    . I worked in the construction department at Kmart building and remodeling stores

    Kmart has building and remodeling stores??


    Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

    Out here there a lot of Sears houses still standing. 1920’s era. They have had a distribution center and outlet center in Regina. The outlet center used to have great deals. Well not anymore.

    I used to work for Sears when I was in HS 1974. Worked in the display department. Had a real great boss and as long as we got our work done we never saw the guy.

    We have lost some big stores like Eatons, Woodwards. The one Old chain still around ” The Bay” I can’t see how it makes it. My wife went into to drop some coin for the girls birthdays gifts. She left mad as a wet hen as the clerks just talked down to her.

    My wife works in retail/regulatory and she has a thick skin. So when you get her mad you have screwed up big time.


    What will happen to craftsman’s lifetime warranty if sears closes up shop? Will another company pick up the line and honor the warranties?

    I am sad to say you guys are probably right – it is probably only a matter of time :\

    John S


    Sears was a good store, have bought a lot of tools from them over the years. Their selection of tools keeps getting smaller here in Canada, and there pricing on name brand tools are over priced.

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