Sanded grout brands

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    Bloomington, IN

    I’ve had some fairly serious issues with grout drying lighter than it should, so I’m seeking a new brand to try out.

    Both TEC and Mapei aren’t cutting it anymore. Each tends to dry a couple of shades lighter than the color chip and it inevitably leads to the customer asking questions.

    What are you guys using?

    Jon P.
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    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    About all we have used is the Tec or Mapei. We have not really noticed much of a problem. Over watering the grout can wash out the color somewhat.


    elmwood park, NJ

    I like power grout, I believe it is only sanded.

    Regular grouts my setters have always mixed to improve consistency appearance.

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    Tom M


    Ajax, ON

    I have heard this comment about grout colours before and some just say to pick a shade or two darker to compensate. What about contacting those brands and asking them?

    Who knows, maybe there’s something inherent in some tap waters that commonly can skew colour consistencies. Waters are different everywhere for a variety of reasons. If it’s well water, there are minerals like manganese and sulphur that I can see as possible tinting culprits. How about trying distilled water next time?


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