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    North Bay, ON

    I received this tool as a redemption from BeThePro a couple of weeks ago and have just recently assembled all the accessory items required to do some testing with it.
    Out of the box, this is a big, heavy sander weighing 5.3 lb. It is packaged with a 5mm allen key, 2 dust collection adapters, a side handle and comes equipped with the soft or general purpose sanding pad. The allen key is used to remove the sanding pad as well as the dust collection assembly under the handle. A very useful feature is the 14 foot power cord.

    With the accessory 5m vacuum hose (VAC005) attached, the power cord matches the length of the vacuum hose for convenient shop use.
    One of the supplied adapters mates the vacuum hose to the tool.
    The other end of the vacuum hose fits easily to the ID of a 2 ½” blast gate.

    For the purpose of this review, the vacuum hose was linked to a 1 ½ HP Delta dust collector. In use, there was virtually no dust escaping the pickup using the supplied pad and sanding disc; no dust on the workpiece and no perceptible dust in the shop. Based on other comments, I was considering using the Abranet ® abrasive system but after doing the trial work, I feel that that would be an unjustified expense.
    Because of the large barrel, the on-off switch cannot comfortably be operated with one hand. Because of the power of the tool, it cannot be easily controlled with one hand except, perhaps at the lowest speed setting. With the work secured and the tool held in two hands, it is both comfortable and easy to handle. Both the side handle and the hand grip on the front of the tool are effective for added control. Because it is a two-handed tool, the work must be secured before sanding. I did not notice any objectionable vibration through the body of the tool.
    With the switch on the left side of the barrel, left-handed operators may have some difficulty getting used to operating it. The selector switch for “normal” and “aggressive” mode is also located on the left side of the barrel and is very convenient to access.
    The location of the side handle facing slightly forward of centre seems odd at first glance. Picking up the tool and using it reveals that this position is very comfortable and, obviously, an important part of the ergonomic design of the tool.
    A note on the operating instruction booklet: under “operating instructions” we are cautioned to start the tool and allow it to come to full speed before contacting the work. Under “tool tips” we are told to start the tool while applying it to the work and not to allow it to come to speed first.
    The sanding pad uses a hook and loop system. Maybe because it is new, but I have never used a better holding hook and loop pad than this one. Attachment of the abrasive disc is absolutely solid.

    This is a powerhouse of a sander! In “aggressive” mode sanding wood, you need to be careful to keep the pad flat to the work, especially with softwood. Even a slight tip towards an edge can result in a “dish” in the surface. It’s less important working with hardwood but you still have to be careful. Material removal rate is really impressive.
    I know this comparison is not really fair but I am accustomed to finish sanding using a DeWalt 5” ROS. With the 1250DEVS in “normal” mode sanding wood, I found material removal to be extremely quick with both hard and soft woods. I was able to start with a finer grit than I would use with the DeWalt and move to a finer finishing grit very quickly. Finishing time is greatly reduced and surface finish is excellent. No swirl marks at all! The 50% added surface area of the 6” disc vs the 5” disc should mean added disc life. The only downside is the size of the sander for use on smaller pieces.
    Not a scientific test, but I ran a cherry board through the planer, then finish sanded one end using the DeWalt and the other with the Bosch. Using Klingspor discs on both machines I went through 120, 180 and finally 240 grit, my normal sequence. I wiped the board after finishing with mineral spirits to bring up any imperfections. Both ends were acceptable for final finish. The Bosch was able to do the work in less than half the time of the DeWalt. I sanded the other side of the test board with the Bosch and started the sequence using 180 grit and saved even more time. Again, a very acceptable finish.
    Bosch finish:

    DeWalt finish:

    There was no noticeable difference in noise level between the two tools.
    The speed control located at the rear of the tool over the power cord is a feature I have never had on any ROS. I am looking forward to using it for very fine final sanding or on very sensitive surfaces.
    Shortly after beginning this review, I got involved in a small project that was perfect for the 1250DEVS; a small workbench riser in hard maple. The top is 2” thick x 12 x 30. From the planer I removed a ridge in the top with a hand plane (there was a nick in the planer blade), then went to finish sanding. Starting with 120 grit, then moving through 220 to 320, total sanding time ready for finish was less than 10 minutes.

    In the short time I have used it, I am very impressed with the 1250DEVS. It’s very fast and leaves an excellent, flat, swirl-free surface finish. It’s comfortable to use and features flawless dust collection abilities. The aggressive mode will become more useful to me as I begin to work on larger pieces, especially large slabs. I will continue to use the DeWalt in my shop for small, hand-held work. Large pieces, large flat surfaces, end grain in hardwood and other difficult, time consuming jobs will go to the Bosch.

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    Glad you like it! That sander is becoming a real favourite on here.

    I know @r-ice loves his based on his write-up, and mine has all but replaced my belt sander for aggressive work…

    It really is a flagship product and makes dusty sanding a thibg of the past

    Holladay, Tn

    Thanks for the review. Have to agree the 1250 is a very nice sander.


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    Very nice review smallerstick. That sander is on my list – eventually one day I will get it.

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    Palm Springs, CA

    edmonton, AB

    Nice to see some reviews coming in again, thanks for posting

    Bellingham, WA

    This is just what I wanted to know, thanks for the info! On your note about the instruction manual – do you have a recommendation about which tactic is better?




    Nice review, thanks for posting it.

    The aggressive mode will become more useful to me as I begin to work on larger pieces, especially large slabs.

    You might want to look at getting the big half sheet sander for that. That’s why I got one. I have the Festool equivalent of the Bosch 1250DEVS.

    Wawa, ON

    I always here such positive things about that machine that it is on my radar screen. This review only reinforces that. Great write up, thanks for the blurb on this machine.

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    Wow nice review you did for us memebers . Thanks for taken the time it takes for us .

    Always willing to learn .

    Covington, KY

    This is an excellent review. I would love to get this and put it against the rote that my Co worker has to xo a good tool fight.

    North Bay, ON

    As I continue to work with it, I think that it will become my go-to sander in spite of its size. I’m becoming more accustomed to holding work in a vise or other hold down to sand now.

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    Nice to see some reviews coming in again, thanks for posting

    I’m so ashamed I haven’t done any for a long time. Just too busy working and using them. ‘Bad Doobie’ !

    Hats off to those that have done reviews! I will try to make amends at some point in doing some myself.

    That Bullet Tools shearer I recently finally assembled a couple of weeks ago I got in the spring is definitely one I should do. Still haven’t received my fiber cement James Hardie siding yet to do it a true assessmemt, but it worked great trimming architectural shingles stacked up to an inch thick per cut. Cuts like butter. Sorry, getting off topic here somewhat. 😯

    Fayetteville, NC

    Thank you for the excellent review. I agree the 1250DEV is a great tool. I use mine mainly as a polisher and it really rocks.

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    Fayetteville, NC

    Etobicoke, ON

    Great review Peter, ThanX for taking the time to write and post it up.

    I see why a lot of people rave about it. I’ll have to borrow @r-ice‘s one day to check it out. Maybe to smooth out the router lines on my bench top.

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    Great review.


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    North Bay, ON

    Thanks guys and Jim and BTP.
    Mine is just a small part of the experience with this tool. Jon @jponto07 has a thread running with so much more information on this great tool http://bethepro.com/forums/topic/bosch-dual-mode-sander-1250devs/

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