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    The psi that I got replaced and originally posted about are still going strong. Im going to stick with them lasted me more the six months now and still have plenty of sole on them. I think I just got a bad pair or low quality or something. I am a little more weary now though. what if next time i get a bad pair and they don’t replace them.

    Bloomington, IN

    im a KEEN… ER all the wall.. i cant get over how long they last for me.

    I’m a Keen fan too. They are incredibly comfortable, even after a long day. The pair I bought were not marked waterproof, but they shed rain drops well. I haven’t had them in snow or any standing water yet.

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction

    Toronto, ON

    I have never heard of these boots before and will give them a glance next time I see the brand but otherwise sticking to KEENS. They are great!

    But besides the KEENS’s, my fav boots were CAT and TERRA

    A Working Pro since 2004

    edmonton, AB

    Red wing boots are awesome definitely my favorite brand.

    west bend, wi

    Their quality does not seem to be what it once was. For years I bought what was cheap. With a neuroma these days I broke down and spent the money on some redwings. They did nothing for my feet and i was in constant pain as all others. I couldnt blame the boots for my health condition. However what i could blame the boots for was their lack of durability. Seams coming apart after only 6 months and within a year the sole cracks across the balls. Never again.

    I since have bought a pair of timberland pro, now only have they lasted me over a year with no issues as of yet (except lace replacement)My feet do not hurt at all even with the neuroma. I just yesterday bought another pair for every day wear, as they are the only shoes i have found where my feet dont hurt.

    Have you done anything with the nuroma. My wife had one and tried shots but they did not work. She had it removed and has had no issues since.

    I did have some injections a year ago and that helped. For the most part i do stretches and massages of the affected area. Now i dont run into much pain unless i wear the wrong shoes or step wrong


    The boots I had from redwing lasted about five years . Now I have keens , Carhartt , field and stream and a hunting brand I can’t remember right now . Have-in a brain freeze at the moment.

    Always willing to learn .

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    I got a pair of Keen Milwaukee’s a few weeks ago. I have worn them a few times and really like them, they are a very solid boot. I still wear my Red Wing’s a fair bit also. They have been a good boot for me.


    I wore out two pair of Redwing hiking waterproof boots. Old feet are more the issue then bad boots for me.

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