QUIKRETE® Light-Duty Gloves

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    Dewey, OK

    I have struggled for years finding gloves that fit. Knit, leather, vinyl, latex, etc. This is the best fitting pair of gloves I have ever worn. The only thing I have worn that come close are the Mechanix gloves.


    How is the fit? Does the rubber lift the glove off the fingers like other gloves of that design?

    I am actually really pleased with the fit. But I am not quite sure about what you mean with regards to the rubber lifting the glove off the fingers… I find it hasn’t done anything like that at all – the glove still fits the right amount of ‘snug-ness’ and though it isn’t exactly a thin glove, I still feel like I have great feeling in my fingers – especially with the rubber grip.

    John S


    What’s the life span on these gloves? I’ve only had so much good experience with gloves, usually they become worthless after using them on concrete mixing jobs. I’m looking for a thin pair of gloves for hot weather and light use and a thick pair of gloves for heavy duty (handling wood with lots of splinters is what I consider to be heavy duty for my needs)

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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