QUIETEST Portable Air Compressor in 2018

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    I recently got a small California Air compressor and was very surprised with how quiet it is. The other surprise was how heavy it is. With an aluminum tank, I assumed the weight would be less than other comparable compressors.

    The extra weight would help it be even more quiet. California Air Compressor has a reputation for being quiet on the job site.

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    Fayetteville, NC


    Hello, I am a new member here and have a question. I would like to purchase a portable air compressor. It will mainly be for “home use”. I would prefer a “quiet” one on wheels or portable with wheels and not one to just lift from place to place.

    Take a 12volt portable air compressor, give it a badass inflation time, build it into a military grade powder ammo can and you have… Air Armor. Specialopstools gets that tires are not a “one size fits all” situation and neither are air compressors.

    Welcome to BTP , that looks like a nice little set up


    Akron, OH

    My cordless Dewalt is fairly quiet. Not a lot of air output though.


    Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HPis Air Compressor best one of my friend owned it and he gained very good output from it.

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    In my experience, Kaeser is one of the quietest air compressors on the market. They offer other benefits such as easy maintenance, high reliability, and better efficiency which reduces sound levels and energy costs.

    Kaeser Products:



    Jack, whenever a first post includes a link to an external website, it usually means the poster hasn’t really read the thread, but instead is looking to capture an audience interested in a subject related to what the new poster has for sale.

    In this case, you talked about Kaeser, and posted a link to a NON Kaeser company, which happens to sell Kaeser air compressors, which are wholly unsuitable for the purpose identified in this thread… which is portability from job site to job site, not 3 phase, rotary screw, industrial sized, stationary affairs that your website sells.

    The problem I see is that you posted as if recommending a solution to the original poster of this thread from your personal experience, rather than from your commercial interests. Not having considered the context of the thread, or even all the words in the title, provides another clue to the disconnect that identifies a typical spammer.

    To be fair, Kaeser does make portable compressors… trailer mounted models typically used by street demolition crews. Kaeser also brands a couple of hand carry / hand wheeled portable compressors (what this thread is about), but your company doesn’t carry any of these models. In fact, the hand carry models are not even available in North America.

    Just a heads up.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    Although the California Airs are quite my local WoodCraft store had so many problems with them they stopped carrying them. I wonder if that has changed from a few years back?


    Check out the Industrial Air IL1682066 20-gallon air compressor. I think this is the quietest compressor I’ve ever heard. Even my wife noticed it and said that it’s 2x quieter then my old one. And it also fits your budget, I suppose. I bought it on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Air-IL1682066-MN-20-Gallon-Compressor/dp/B002MKP5IS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Industrial+Air+IL1682066&qid=1579161213&sr=8-1 Now it costs $548. I found it durable and highly efficient.


    relies upon what you group as calm… I have the JC 10 and its calm anyway its low volume and delayed to top off https://homenewtools.com/ .. my other blower is a Hitachi 6-gallon twin tank however it’s a lot stronger… my past boss had a rol air “bull” twin tank 6 gallons which is practically indistinguishable from my Hitachi then additionally had 2 push cart style units which were noisy… currently at work I utilize a mak 2500 which is oiled yet nowhere close as tranquil as the JC 10

    New Franklin, OH

    Although the California Airs are quite my local WoodCraft store had so many problems with them they stopped carrying them. I wonder if that has changed from a few years back?

    I have 3 of the California Air compressors and have no problems with them.

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