Question regarding guy wire installation on utility pole

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    Question Regarding wooden Utility pole with both cable and electrical running on it. The pole has no damage to it and is stable.

    Currently the utility pole has a guy wire on the left side. Utility company wants to remove the guy wire and install another one on the right side. Is there a reason why the guy wire needs to be on one side of the pole vs. another on an undamaged straight utility pole?

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    A reason? Not that I can think of, but I’m sure the POCO has one. I doubt they would go through the trouble for nothing.

    Have you tried calling them and asking?

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    It may be a requirement to change the anchor site every X number of years, so they would change sides.

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    I have no doubt the electric company is doing what is needed. Has to be some reason for the change.

    Have you tried calling them and asking?

    This would be the simplest way to find out.


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    It does seem a bit strange, I always thought guy wires usually ran in the direction opposite the pull on the pole, if that makes any sense. That said, I agree with what’s been said here, I’m sure they have a reason for switching it.

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    I had the same thought that they ran to counter act the pull of the other wires on the pole. I would not see the need for a change unless they are changing the configuration of wires that attach to the pole or if it is a pole that they wires pass through in one direction, they may need to change it to correct instability side to side.


    Did this question ever get answered? I have a guy wire that may need to be moved? Thanks


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