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    Dewey, OK

    I am getting ready to sell my Paslode cordless framing nailer and replace it with a Hitachi air framing nailer. I am looking at the NR90ADPR that uses clipped head paper collated nail strips. It is listed as a 35 degree nailer. My question is will the Hitachi shoot the 30 degree paper collated offset nails I have now?

    Bloomington, IN

    Hitachi’s website calls the gun a 35* framer, but its listed elsewhere as a 30-34* gun. I’m assuming your nails will work as the collation type is the same and the angle is similar enough.

    Do framers have named categories for each angle? My Max is listed as a 20-22* I believe. The only angle of nails I’ve ever seen for it is 21*.

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    Yes you can use the same nails.

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    Seems like most clipped heads I run are 28? I’d buy a guy that matches what’s most common locally. I use grip-rite usually


    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    I don’t know why they don’t make them all universal but they don’t .I know pasloade will take their own nails Bostich nails.


    I don’t know why they don’t make them all universal…

    The make the bulk of their money on the nails I would imagine.

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    It seems like there are 3 various angles for framing nails the 21degree plastic collated, the ,30 degree and the 30+ degree. in the trim nails it is the FA and FN designations for the angle of the nails.

    I think the manufacturers have chosen a designation to try to have less nails crossover and potentially sell more nails to their gun customers. Generics are available in all designations.

    Another option may be early patents for nail guns. Back before every tool company and their brother had a nail gun line, The market was mostly Paslode and Bostich. To not infringe on patents and to sell their own nails, they each had their own angle for nails. Bostich being the 28degree and Paslode at the 31 degree.

    Akron, OH

    Just don’t try to shoot a 21 degree nail with a 30 degree nailer.

    halifax, nova scotia

    we have hitachi guns and they double fire, misfire and jamb constantly if were using paslode nails. we primarily buy “Topgun ” nails which are actually chepaer and have heavier shanks plus the heads dont break off as easily if you have to pull them

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