Qep Lash leveling System for tile

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    So leveling system seems to be all the rage now with tile being so long and bowed with wood looking tiles and such . So lash is one of those systems to help stop tile lips and flush surface out .

    So I decided to give them a try on this small 13×13 floor tile . You also can use them on wall tiles . There is definitely a learning curve with the clip layout and thinset placement . The ones I used were 1/16 . They recommend a tool to help push wedge in place which i bought . The bottom of the clip is bowed to help bring the tiles flush with each other . It’s a bit stronge as you set your tile it will move the other tile up in trying to level the clip out .

    I found in to be a little nervous . Cause of movement to set tiles in Thinset and being back buttered . If you leave the clips set in were you left off from day before . The clip bends cause more of a 1/16 gap as the other tiles that were layed . Once they are dry all you do is give them a kick and they snap right off .

    There are other systems out there which I will try . Were the clips are a little flat over the lash style .

    Always willing to learn .

    Rogers, Ohio

    I have seen these in HD and have been curious as to how well they. Overall, what was your impression of them? Would you use them again? I would be interested in seeing a comparison of these and the riamondi clips.


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    I had seen these myself. And thought I might try them the next go round. Wondered how the learning curve would be. And it sounds like something you have to mess with a few times to get right.


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    I tried this system last year on a job and was very frustrated with the clips and couldn’t get them behind the tiles easily. I think the amount of thinset you need behind the tiles has to be quite a bit more so that you don’t fight them. Did you find that as well @Skillman?


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    I used the QEP system last year on my Bathroom reno.
    I found the curve of the clip to be a bit cumbersome and as Andrew mentioned, you need a bit more thinset than you would normally use.

    I did not buy the tool just used my hands when installing these 12″ x 24 tiles.

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    I have a job coming up this summer that they want the big wood grain tile. It is a kitchen floor . I have never laid the big tile before so I will be using some sort of leveling system. I am learning from all your experience here. Maybe by the time I do this job everyone will have figured out the best set to use.
    I have noticed in the stores that the big tiles are definitely in style now.


    @ChadM They did the job but wasn’t satisfied with the extra work and quality. I don’t think I would use them again . Would try the Levelsystem brand clips instead .

    The curve is for sure the main source of issue . The tool really locks the wedge in place . Less effort on the hands .

    That’s why I tried them on this small floor . You still need to have level floors . The clips won’t solve your problems .

    You for sure need to use bigger notch trowels . The clips push up a little to much . I think the frustration was thinking I’m doing something wrong . And being use to doing it another way .

    From the guys I’ve talked to whole tile ever day the levelingsystem is the best . No tool is needed plus the wedges are bigger for the hands . Clips are a little flat . You can use them on corners to use less clips. .

    Always willing to learn .


    I used RTC Tornado leveling system. I got a really good price because they were discontinued, I think. For good reason. They worked, but they weren’t fast. They had these rings that screwed on to the clip, rather then wedges. These rings were around 2″ in diam., which actually made it hard to see exactly what you were doing.

    Like I said, they worked, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

    Mark E.

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    Systems like this look really cool, but how do they not create air pockets under the tile?

    When one is forced upwards to the height of the adjacent tile, wouldn’t “something” have to fill that void?

    Sure the mortar sticks to the back of the tile, but when its lifted higher off of the subfloor, more mortar is necessary to maintain 100% bond.

    Jon P.
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    I started out trying the QEP lash and quickly switched to RLS. It has flat bottom plates, bigger wedges and is over all easier to work with.
    You still want to use a larger notched trowel and back butter on lager tiles. Also with RLS you can get 1/16″ 1/8″ 3/16″ thick clips. No need for spacers.

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    I am a MLT guy myself….. I think it is the best system out there.

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    The lash system is the only system I have used. I don’t use the tool. I also don’t use the system on anything smaller than 16×16 tile. Although we do not install much tile under 16×16. Being that we do not install much tile under 16×16, we are using a 1/2″ or larger notch trowel so the Lash system works fine.

    No system is a cure all. You still need to have a decent subfloor.


    Regardless of the negative comments on this tile levelling system, I’m gonna take a look at them next time I’m at HD and compare to another system I’ll see soon enough at a local tile supply store.

    Is the crimp tool for the wedges pricey?

    Globe, AZ

    Regardless of the negative comments on this tile levelling system, I’m gonna take a look at them next time I’m at HD and compare to another system I’ll see soon enough at a local tile supply store.

    Is the crimp tool for the wedges pricey?

    It’s always worked great for me. I have not priced the tool but they are fairly easy to use without it.


    Regardless of the negative comments on this tile levelling system, I’m gonna take a look at them next time I’m at HD and compare to another system I’ll see soon enough at a local tile supply store.

    Is the crimp tool for the wedges pricey?

    The pliers were under $10.00 bucks .

    Always willing to learn .

    Gilberts, Illinois

    I was asked to explain what the MLT system is. MLT stands for “Mechanical Lippage Tuning” It has been touched on in this thread, the MOST important part of a tile installation is a properly prepared substrate. Some guys interchange “LEVEL” and “FLAT”
    Although “Level is desired, FLAT is required” to set tile. NO SYSTEM OUT THERE should be depended on to install you tile. ALL OF THESE system fine TUNE lippage. It is still up to the installer to get the tiles as close as possible and then fine tune them with a system of choice…. As a PRO, I use the MLT system. IT IS probably the most expensive one. As such, maybe not the one chosen by a DIY’er for their fist tile job. The less expensive ones like the QEP wedges might be a pick on COST alone. http://www.mltsystem.com/


    Thanks for the MLT system link @pgc555. It’s overkill for my situation/skill level. When I checked out the “installation” link, the very first step; it says it does NOT need to be pre-soaked before use. Meaning other systems DO require soakage? Another member posted about soaking/not soaking but still not sure why the need to?

    Gilberts, Illinois

    Soaking the straps refers to a system called
    TLS. ( Tuscan Leveling System ) these are one piece straps . MLT are 2 pic. They are a combo of straps and plates. The straps are reusable. Only plates stay in the assembly


    Do the MLT clips provide a automatic grout spacer for the install @pgc555 . Or you need to use them separately .

    Always willing to learn .

    Gilberts, Illinois

    The straps are about 1/16″. So for marble or rectified ( straight square edge tiles) you may use the straps AS spacers. Many tile jobs use a 1/8″ so additional spacer work fine.

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