Pneumatic nail gun or electric nail gun,which is better?why?

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    Pneumatic nail gun or electric nail gun,which is better?why?

    Wawa, ON

    I would say “it depends”.

    What size nail? Where is it going to be used mostly?

    I have been looking at 15 ga nail guns recently and although I would love a battery operated one they are 3X the price of a pneumatic one. I plan on using it up on a scaffold so I am still debating. I don’t want the hose around my feet when I am up high. For the shop the pneumatic is fine, jobsites change that.

    I did my shop down south with a gun and compressor and I was fine with it for the most part. Very little climbing involved with the job.

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    Thank you for your reply

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    I think it depends a lot on use. I have air, gas and electric for trim guns.

    I found that the battery does not seem to hold up to the strain of all day use. It seems to be a lot more suited for a small job or repairs.

    The gas, while durable, is slow. again, I would say this is more suited for small jobs and repairs.

    The air guns I have perform well on whole house or large remodels as they go all day with little issues. They have much faster cycle times than the other two guns, and are much more durable. That said, we seem to go through a gun a year due to wear and tear. I look for guns on sale around the holidays and keep one packed away for when one fails. I typically find them on sale for around $49 so the air is significantly more economical than the others

    If you have a compressor and hoses already, sir is the way to go for a job of any size.

    I can also see the advantage of having a cordless gun when working at heights. It does eliminate the tangle of a cord which is a plus.


    I agree with Kurt it depends on the use case. Can you provide any more details on where you plan to use it?

    If it is intermittent use and you are already invested in a battery platform, the convenience of electric is hard to beat for small tasks or jobs with limited power for a compressor.

    If you are looking to purchase a full array of guns to cover all types of projects, it can be significantly cheaper to go pneumatic with a small compressor.

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