Please Build It To Code! Really??

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    halifax, nova scotia

    hank your right, myself i have 2 copies of the code book but havent bought the most recent.. as its way overpriced compared to previous editions. any questions i have pertaining to a specific code i simply call my engineer or the building department, they will email the info to me within the hour.

    the sad thing is i know countless guys locally that dont know what code is or even care

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit


    Urbandale, IA

    In my state the statute of repose is 15 years. in other words if there is a problem that shows itself and it is determined to be a construction defect then the general contractor is liable. the general is liable for the faulty work of the subcontractors they hire.
    There is five year limit to known or should have known problems. If an owner sits on their rear for five years after the problem has revealed itself then recourse is closed.
    This does not go away with successive ownership. in other words 14th owner in the 14th year, still one year to go.

    If you thought EIFS had problems it is nothing compared to the problems we will see behind the faux stone. A little off topic but not to much. The code enforcement officials have not addressed a lot of the problems with this product that we are involved in correcting. This particular assembly is to be drainable but very few are in fact drainable.


    We always go above the code. I explain the difference, and let the owner decide.


    Indeed. Code is just the minimum. I go beyond
    Those expectations. Mywork means everything
    To me and the customer.



    I think you should take comments like this as an opportunity to express where you excell and impress upon the customer that in choosing you he’ll not only have a home that meets all local codes, but in many cases exceeds these codes providing him with a far superior product. This is not an insult its an opportunity.



    Never had anyone say that to me, and I would find it insulting. Sure, I sometimes get a contractor horror story, or at least what they think is one, out of them, but it’s always been just in conversation while I’m working, never at the outset. Depends on the person, but if they said something like that upfront, I’d probably see it as a red flag.

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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