Peeling house paint

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    I haven’t worked with redwood in this area, but because the house was built in the 50’s it probably has older oil based paint under multiple layers of latex. The house is basically sealed tight instead of allowing the siding to breathe naturally. The fix could be as simple as installing siding shims under the laps to allow airflow behind the siding. Try it out on a section and see if this does the trick.

    Zinsser makes a product call Peel Stop that I have not used but it gets good reviews online for issues such as this.

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    I like Jim’s idea. The siding being sealed up so well wasn’t an issue until lots of interior moisture was introduced via the whole house humidifier – now it is trapped. The siding shims will let the house breathe.


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    Do you have access to a moisture meter? I would be interested in seeing what the moisture content of the redwood siding is in the areas that bubble.

    You beat me to it. I’d suspect that the chimney flashing or something associated with it has a leak.
    Go up into your attic and check there and the walls. There could be enough to run and leave a trail.

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    I’m really sure there is no leaking. It’s started doing it all over the house now. I’m pretty convinced that the original paint failed.


    I don’t know the answer, but last year I had a problem with the siding installation, so I contacted a professional company. Ofc I wanted to pay them for advice but in the end, they said I didn’t have to. I’m pretty sure siding contractors will know how to resolve your problem, maybe even for free, and if not, their help won’t be expensive.


    Moisture creates bubbles and the paint starts to peel off. It might be the moisture issue but it is not a serious one because the paint is still intact and bubble is still under the paint. You should peel off the paint your self and check what is the problem with the planks.
    You are saying that the house is very old, it might start getting moisture from somewhere.

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)
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