PAVERDECK – Raised Decking Substructure for Paver/Stone Clad Decks

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    Hey guys, I’ve had piers in place for too many years for building a deck in my backyard that will mostly surround our 19X33 above ground pool. I have been wanting to clad it with pavers or natural stone, but the only system I could readily find here in Canada was the Silca grate system which I started a thread for some years back here…


    But for a variety of reasons, I never got 100% comfortable with using the Silca grates. One, it is plastic, how long will it really last? Second, the price has shot up thru the roof on the grates and the retailer I was going to buy them from has to order them in from the states now. There’s something to be read in between the lines on that maybe. Thirdly, I’m not crazy about using PT joist under this system- joist are never perfectly level to each other throughout for something like laying pavers or especially large natural stone over long spans, and the potential early rot issue with poorer than normal air circulation under a deck covered end to end with pavers/stone is a another concern to me.

    But last weekend I saw this system by a company out of the Soo called Paverdeck.


    This is what I’m looking for. Will last well beyond my time on this planet, will achieve a nice and level surface for the stones, and no worries about substructure premature wood rot.

    This afternoon I had some questions for the company I couldn’t find on their website. One of my dilemmas was in regard to the fact in my situation I already have the 10 inch piers all in place with 6 inch saddles in them. The amount and spacing of the piers is not the issue as I had carefully had them placed close enough to accommodate the weight load should I go with a stone or paver clad deck surface, but my question had to do with what could I use instead of 6X6 PT posts to go from the already in place saddles to the Paverdeck beams. I could use the PT, but to me it makes no sense to get such a long lasting deck frame but have the posts potentially subject to early rot being made out of wood.

    Well guess who I get on the phone none other than Joe, the inventor and owner of the company this afternoon driving in his car. We spent a good 45 mins on the phone and I’m now quite excited about the direction this is all taking. Their paverdeck product has been in the marketplace since 2007 and is available thru Menards and HD in the US, but strangely only thru local distribution here in Canada and not thru any of the BB outlets.

    First, he said that they do not put on their website solutions to my aforementioned issue, but that he will send me some different product alternatives to achieve my goal of using non-wood posts to consider. I’ll post more on that once I finish my email to him and receive his reply.

    The other concern I had was in regards to it being galvanized metal and some warnings on their website about having their system around pools or near seaside conditions. He suggested like on their website indicates to lay a certain kind of roofing membrane sandwiched under the stones to avert the water to being in direct contact for the amounts it would migrate in between the stones. I wasn’t sure if I really needed to do that, but now it is confirmed I will do as such. He doesn’t think I should need the anodes you can add to the deck frame which I thought I would. He says that is more needed in salty conditions for which my pool is on chlorine and thus is not required.

    But even better is he said too draft some rudimentary plans of the layout and they will engineer exactly what I need to do and what to order from them. I had seen that you could do such on their website and had dismissed that notion, but in speaking to Joe, I decided it was actually a good idea after all. He’s also gonna hook me up with the area’s rep to place my order once ready. Sounds like it may save me a few bucks rather than go thru the place I had found on the internet that I could order it from.

    More to come….

    Pierrefonds, Qc

    I checked their product and it looks very expensive.
    To my pockets of course.


    I checked their product and it looks very expensive.
    To my pockets of course.

    Where did you see pricing? I have yet to have that yet from anywhere.


    good product. Interesting for me


    Good one. But i think a little bit expensive

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