One of those days you wish would never happen

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    Palm Springs, CA

    hey everyone,
    I’ve been a bit quiet over the passed few days because my family and I made some bad experience. We live in a very nice, friendly, quite, peaceful neighborhood and we would have never thought that this will ever happen to us or here.
    Over the weekend some crooks broke into two of our cars which were parked in the driveway, my work truck and my wifes car. They definitely knew what they were doing because they were able to open the cars without doing any damage. Well, but they broke in the car a few things; for instance, the glove department, below the radio the middle console, drink holder etc.

    They stole various things out of our vehicles. 2x prescription sunglasses (wifeys gucci), money (couple coins, change from the grocery store which I always toss in the ash tray). I had a couple tools in boxxes behind my seat which were not visible at all – 18v angle grinder, 18v impactor, 18v hammerdrill, all attached with 4.0s and one core, 2x lboxx2, powerbox360, couple other smaller handtools. And here it comes, they also took the garage door remote to our garage/my shop.

    It must have happened thru the night because my wife came home late the previous day. We noticed all this on the next day (monday) when my wife was about to leave for work. She went to the car and noticed a orange bandana, she came back inside and ask me if that’s mine. I told her “you know I don’t wear bandanas”. I went with her together back to the car and then we noticed that the car seat was tilted back, all the broken things, drivers door was ajar, and all the other signs of a break in. They probably used the bandana to wiped down any fingerprints.
    We called immediately the cops, it took quite a bit for them to get here because it was no emergency.

    On the same day I reset the garage door, so the crooks are not able to get into the garage/shop or even further into the house. Already purchased new remotes for the cars and all cars got new codes, the ones which are parked in the garage with homelink buttons. Also installed a much much brighter LED floodlight, which illuminates now most part of the driveway. I installed couple locks on the gates as well.

    It’s one of the worst feelings ever to know that we are so vulnerable to something like that.
    The last night was pretty restless because lots of things went thru my head and I kept checking the window.

    I really hope that no one else will be ever in this situation. We can be glad because those are items which can be replaced and no one got harmed.

    In the next few weeks I will be installing motion sensor lights around our property. Probably solar powered because I barely have any outside lights in the soffits or on the house which can be changed to motion sensored lights. I will drop some money for a surveillance system (I would appreciate any suggestions). I don’t know what else I can do tho.

    In the past I left all kinds of tools, materials etc in the bed of the truck because I felt safe around here. Well, that time is over now!

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    Palm Springs, CA

    Fayetteville, NC

    madman sorry to hear about your experience. Thieves are the worst.

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    Fayetteville, NC

    Sudbury, ON

    Sorry to hear about that @madman_us.

    We had a similar situation here last summer. They went through my wife’s car, and all 3 neighbors across the street from me and on either side. In our case I was lucky since I had a bunch of tools in my truck (as I usually do) and my trailer was unlocked, but with the lock hanging on it, and neither were touched.

    It definitely woke me up to how much less respect some people have. I used to leave things out on my property all the time, but those days have passed.

    North Bay, ON

    @madman_us that feeling of violation has to be the worst. Sorry to hear your story. Pleased to hear no one was hurt, possessions can be replaced but it still really sucks and you’re right, some people don’t seem to have respect any more.

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    elmwood park, NJ

    Im glad you jumped on the garage door codes and reset them. That could be 100x worse. Its bad enough.

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    Tom M

    Belgrave, Ontario , Canada

    That really sucks ! 🙁 I was just thinking about this topic last night . I often leave my house unlocked at night and even when I go away . After reading this I think I will be locking everything up from now on .

    Holladay, Tn

    Man that sucks madman. Thief’s are the worst kind of scum.


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    @madman_us, wow, sorry to hear about that Alex,
    Thank goodness no one was hurt,
    Good job of getting things a little safer,
    What about your dogs, they didn’t bark?
    Do they spend the night outside, or inside


    So sorry to hear what you went through Alex. I can’t stand people who steal. You sure took the right steps after but it is a shame you had to.

    New Franklin, OH

    Sorry to hear about this. Nothing worse than a thief.
    A long time ago something woke me during the night and I got up and walked through the house and flipped lights on. I didn’t see anything and went back to bed. The next morning when I was heading out to work I noticed the car door wasn’t shut tight. When I looked in the car I found all the thief’s tools in the car! They never came back.

    Wawa, ON

    Terrible experience. I feel for you bro’. Thieves suck!

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    Burton, Michigan

    Sorry to hear about that. I’ve been in your shoes 2 times. Once at a gym someone popped the door cylinder out on passenger side (which I didn’t notice if I get in on drivers side) I got in and noticed my dash ripped apart. They store my stereo, wallet. They left the change in cup holder and the remote for car stereo. Another time I was home and was going to work and see my glove box door open and my door latched but not shut all the way. They jimmy the door and pulled the back seat down and got through the trunk and store all my tool and golf clubs and bag and anything else I had back there. Also when through the center console. Just sickens you that someone would do that and get away with it. I feel for ya.

    Palm Springs, CA

    Thanks everyone and yes you are right…it’s a bad feeling, but this was a little wake up call. No matter how safe you feel, or how quiet the neighborhood feels to you, it can always and everywhere happen.
    The stolen items can and will be replaced. A few changes will happen around here.

    I talked to a couple neighbors today and surprisingly one couple a few houses down the road got broken in as well, but around 2 weeks ago. She had no clue until I mentioned it. She thought she misplaced them and left the car unlocked that night. She actually called the cops today to report it. I don’t know maybe now we will see the cops going on patrol couple nights per week around here.

    What about your dogs, they didn’t bark?
    Do they spend the night outside, or inside

    We have 4 dogs…two of them are guardian dogs for the backyard but they didn’t hear anything.

    "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time"
    Palm Springs, CA

    Bellingham, WA

    Oh wow…that’s awful. I’m so sorry @madman_us. Glad everyone is ok.



    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    sorry to hear about that, we had a similar experience because a garage door was left open, took a bunch of tools out of my garage and truck and alcohol out of the fridge.

    an experience like this really makes you change how you do things,

    I hope it does not happen to you again our anyone else here.


    Sorry to hear that Alex. Been there myself, twice with my residence and once with the girlfriends car at my place. One of the house robberies turned into a $50K claim. Being a tax and insurance guy, I had receipts and proof of ownership for almost everything. My broker at the time who is also a personal friend was amazed. The bastards even stole food from my freezer! What kind of scumbag steals a man’s food!!!

    That was in ’97. I still get nightmares once in a while living in my old place and weird scenarios of not being able to have a secured house. It’s a real shitty violation getting robbed and if there any thieves reading this you should go F yourselves and go straight to HELL!

    Nuff said!





    I live in South Orange County and I’ve heard there have been some of the gangs in LA have come further south to target suburban areas since the areas historically have lower crime and they come out scope out the most vulnerable looking houses. My neighborhood has been dealing with a lot of car break ins as well, but usually they only go for spare change since it is apparently the fastest way they can make money. No forced entry of the cars either, the only thing that usually happens is they sometimes trip the alarms so they know what they’re doing.

    Caught one when he tripped the motion light with triple LEDs, the first time he dove under the car when the alarm went off and I thought it was a fluke. Next thing I know, a few minutes later I see him in the other car in the driveway and he’s rummaging around. Police came too late to do anything but he didn’t make off with anything but less than a dollar of change. What I didn’t realize the first time was he actually got the door ajar by a little when he was breaking into the car, somehow he opened the lock but he tripped the alarm. Second car the alarm battery died a few years ago and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it since its under the bumper and a PITA to replace.

    Stay safe and put a bunch of bright lights that trip on motion in the front. The first car has a blind spot which the motion light doesn’t detect, so the guy who broke in hid behind that and I thought it was a fluke. I assume if these hooligans see that there’s motion lights and what looks like cameras hanging off the house they’ll be deterred.



    Sorry to hear the bad news. If it makes you feel any better, when I was living in a high rise condo years ago, I had my Audi Coupe GT broken into 5 times. I had the parking spot closest to the exit so it was the first car thieves would see. That car had the trunk release hidden in the door frame so I never had anything stolen out of the trunk because they could never find it. The change would always be stolen as well as any CDs that I left in there.

    The feeling of being violated is hard to shake and I’m ultra careful about locking house and car locks all of the time.

    I’m looking at the Ring wireless cameras and floodlights to see how they work. The ability to connect via your smartphone is appealing


    At would be the worst, sorry to hear that! At least you didn’t have to come face to face with one of them inside your house. I’m sure it is a very eerie feeling knowing someone violated your property. Hopefully your insurance gives you money and not just the “depreciated value” of your tools. That can make a bad situation worse.

    Palm Springs, CA

    I really doubt that I’m going to claim those items with the insurance. I believe it’s “cheaper” to purchase the items new rather getting money from the insurance.
    Depends if and how much they will hand out for those stolen items, but on the other hand they will increase the insurance rate.
    And I am not sure if I even have the receipts anymore.
    Nah I probably just stay away with it.

    "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time"
    Palm Springs, CA

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