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    Is definitely another man’s gold……….mine in fact!!!

    Long story short, but just finished putting “newish” 3/4″ hardwood throughout my entire upper level. Total cost = $0

    Flooring contractor friend of mine was called and asked to remove and replace the entire hardwood flooring of a home that was broken into. During the break in, the perpetrator (the homeowners son!) cut himself on the entry window, and got a little blood on the floor around the window area. The floor was completely cleaned, as per biohazard regulations, but the owners were still not satisfied.

    Therefore, their insurance company approved a complete removal and replacement of the existing floor – which was less than a year old.

    My friend asked if I wanted it, and of course, I jumped at it. He said that they were just going to throw it away anyway, so it was a no-brainer. The floor is in amazing shape, and the only bit that was discarded was the bit around the window. There was still more than enough to do the main level of my bungalow, so I am now a lovely hardwood floor better off than I was at this time last week!!!

    Here’s some pics of the installation. Got it done in just over a day, so more than happy with how it turned out. Colour works out perfectly with the paint that I currently have on the walls.

    Murray, KY

    Very nice floor, and definitely worth the time!

    Pierrefonds, Qc



    Cheers, but the credit goes to my buddy, who ripped the flooring out of the other house. He was meticulously careful, so as not to damage the planks, and there were very few damaged boards that were unusable over here.

    Very nice floor, and definitely worth the time!


    It’s actually oak, and it’s true hardwood, not engineered or laminate. It was a sweet score for sure!


    Etobicoke, ON

    Nice score on the hardwood flooring.

    I’d like to see your friend take the hardwood in my house with out loosing the tongue. 🙂 😛

    I know with the 2 1/2″ staples, a couple of boards had to come back up but there was no way I could salvage them. No matter how I tried.

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    @geordie99 great score, and it would have been a shame for the floor going to the dump, good call by your friend.
    And it looks awesome, I like the color.

    Fayetteville, NC

    Long story short, but just finished putting “newish” 3/4″ hardwood throughout my entire upper level. Total cost = $0

    Very nice and you can’t beat the price. Congrats. That floor looks great.

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    Fayetteville, NC

    Sudbury, ON

    Congrats on the floor, that’s great that he thought of you and was able to salvage it.

    Looks great.

    Holladay, Tn

    Is definitely another man’s gold……….mine in fact!!!

    Long story short, but just finished putting “newish” 3/4″ hardwood throughout my entire upper level. Total cost = $0

    Floor looks good. I’m all for re-purposing materials. You definitely can’t beat the price.


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    North Bay, ON

    What a good score! Congrats on being up for the job on a moments notice. The finished floor looks really good. Definitely a bonus that it is real hardwood.

    BYW Welcome back to BTP.

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    Wawa, ON

    What a great out come for you. Congrats! It looks fantastic.

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    What a great score and job you did! Very nice indeed! 👌


    What a great friend to let you know about the flooring, free is a price that is hard to beat!

    Durham region, ON

    that was an awesome deal, and looks good. hey as long as the contaminated area is thrown out, all the other parts are good to go.

    Palm Springs, CA

    Can’t go wrong with free 😛
    good job on the flooring – looks just great.

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    Palm Springs, CA

    New Franklin, OH

    Great score! Looks like you had to move lots of furniture etc.
    Was the original floor nailed down? If so it had to be tough to take up without destroying it.

    Eastern shore of, Pa

    The floor looks fantastic !! I wouldn’t have passed up the freebie flooring either.

    Belleville, ON

    Nice to see that nice flooring never got threw out. Looks really nice. Great score.

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    My buddy told me that I would be shocked if I saw how often this actually happened. Flooring, which with a bit of extra care can be salvaged, gets thrown out on a regular basis. It was all stapled down, but he did an amazing job, taking care not to damage the tongues during removal.

    This particular flooring is barely over a year old, and because of the thickness, there is at least 3 to 4 refinishes in it, if I ever need to do so. The flooring alone would have cost me over $5000 to buy the same amount and type brand new.

    I have a basement to refinish, once I get my tools out into my new workshop, I may see if I can do the same with the basement floor.

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