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    A little video of a woodworking machine manufacturing plant.

    Durham region, ON

    Wow, I want that as a workshop.

    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    holy smoke, that’s the shop of all shops..

    New Franklin, OH

    Must have been Sunday. I didn’t see anyone working.
    Quite a shop. Thanks for sharing.


    I thought it was interesting that they still use old fashioned methods over lasers saying lasers are not as accurate. I have a similar sense of that as well. I think for a lot of tool applications, lasers are overrated.

    My Kapex has what I believe is a pretty decent laser set up, but I’ve found I only use it for when extreme accuracy is not essential. When I need to get a cut spot on, I still use my eyes alone instead to cut on a hairline or the scratch from a marking gauge.


    Now that’s a serious shop. Wow.


    They still manufacture some very good woodworking machinery its not cheap but its solid.

    Honolulu,, Hi.

    WoW not much a guy couldn’t do in that shop. I love a job in a shop like that.

    Fayetteville, NC

    Very nice video, Thank you for posting. Really enjoyed that shop.

    Automotive Pro
    Fayetteville, NC

    North Bay, ON

    Thanks for sharing. That is a very impressive shop. Good to see the rebuilding service they provide for their customers.

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    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    That is a great video, I did not realize this company existed only about 40 miles from me. Really neat equipment and methods. I will have to look them up sometime.

    Lake Ariel, PA

    Thanks for the video. That shop is very nice, wish I could have enough money to set something similar up.


    Eastern shore of, Pa

    Small shop compared to the ones I worked in. I ran a lathe the size of that one in the start of the video. It was the smallest production lathe in the shop

    Toronto, ON

    Great video. Tons of stuff I have never seen before and really interesting. If i was in a shop like that I would need one of you BTP members to show me the ropes and would have a blast.

    I thought it was cool they said they used fish line and a plumb bob to setup the bandsaw and that they tried using lasers but it just wasn’t the same

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    There stuff is rock solid and meant to run 24/7…amazing machines. I have used the jointer and planer and they were among the best machines I have ever powered up. The jointer had a ships wheel to raise and lower the bed and it was super smooth and accurate. Zero vibration too. If I had the space I would love to invest in some of this equipment.

    Orange County, CA

    Montreal, QC

    First I’ve heard of the brand, looks solid. But how do they make the cast parts though, contracted out?


    That is a great video, I did not realize this company existed only about 40 miles from me. Really neat equipment and methods. I will have to look them up sometime.

    I didnt connect the dots until recently, and I really want to check it out sometimes.

    I am pleasantly surprised to see some of the deals for northfield stuff that comes up on CL here in the Twin Cities every now and then.

    John S

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