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    Hi all,
    I haven’t posted in a long time because of a job change and due to illness.
    I’m now working exclusively in an office. Nice for a gal of 72 years old, but I miss using my power tools. Oh, well. It’s gotta end some day, right?

    Also, I had an allergic reaction to something I ate at work. District supervisor treated us to lunch. I didn’t realize that avocado would give me a pretty bad tummy ache. It sent me to the hospital.

    Unfortunately, because I’ve been prescribed a strong pain medication for 18 years for a bad neck injury with pinched nerves, the hospital staff decided to treat me as though I was going through withdrawals, which I wasn’t. So they withheld my normal pain meds and gave me nothing for the bad tummy ache. I was in severe pain for 3 days without help. The bottom line was that all that pain caused me to have atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Now I’m on blood thinners, cardiac meds and I lost a lot of work because of the hospital staff not helping me. I actually had a heart attack in the hospital and cried for help, and the nurse said the pain was from a tiny hiatal hernia that never bothers me. Cardiologist said it was a heart attack, not hernia pain.

    So, I don’t do the work I used to do and just wanted you guys to know that I miss you all!! It’s been a lot of fun posting on this forum, seeing what everyone’s doing and sharing my projects. I keep telling others about the website. I sure hope they get to know what a great group of guys you all are!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Best wishes and you’re always in my heart. (Now that part of my heart has been enlarged, you know I have lots of room for all of you! LOLOL)



    You have always had that positive attitude! That’s something that is so inspiring. What a unfortunate visit to the hospital. Medical professionals does not come close here. Best wishes as you move forward Pat. Happy Thanksgiving too!


    Fayetteville, NC

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

    Sorry to hear about your medical fiasco. Hope you are feeling better. Have a Happy Thanksgiving as well.

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    Pat, you are always such a breath of fresh air. I am so sorry to hear of your latest troubles and wish you well in your recovery. You know you are more than welcome here anytime you want to just check in and chat.

    BE the change you want to see.
    Even if you can’t Be The Pro… Be The Poster you’d want to read.

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    Happy Thanksgiving Pat!Kind of a screwed up situation but I am glad you are on the mend.


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    Thanks all. Looks like I’m on the mend, so to speak. One of the reasons I wanted to post what happened to me is also to warn everyone to question their health care providers. Sometimes they don’t get it right. And, although we’d like to think they have all the answers, not only do they make mistakes, they really do appreciate patient input most of the time.

    In this situation, I unfortunately had doctors who didn’t inform me of what was going on, so I was unable to respond to anything. They just assumed they knew what was happening and went with it, unbeknownst to me.

    I am very fortunate to be under the care of a wonderful primary care physician and a terrific cardiologist. They both ask questions and listen very well.

    In the construction industry, guys get injured. I’d like to make a recommendation that job site supervisors have occasional discussions with their teams about not only safety and prevention, but also what types of injuries can and do happen. A nice round-table discussion of team member experiences of their injuries or ones they witnessed, plus the treatment for the injuries might be a good thing to do. It would be like having a fire drill. And, importantly, if someone is hurt on the job, when someone can step in to help and when to leave the victim’s injuries for professionals to treat. Even with a small crew, a discussion like this might just prevent serious injury or worse.

    Preventative discussions like this might also help an injured worker to know what to advise the medical team.


    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

    It’s unfortunate there are doctors and nurses who don’t care enough or are incompetent, and I had a few incidents myself where it made me question every doctor’s action and decision just so I don’t become a victim of something falling through the cracks of the light bulbs inside their heads didn’t light up when it needed to.

    I had a ruptured appendix earlier this year and was in the hospital for 4 days after the surgery. The first night my IV fluid ran out in the middle of the night which set off an alarm beep beep beep, the night nurse voice came on intercom and asked what happened and I said the IV bag is empty she said she would be “right over”. It continued to beep for about 25 minutes before she came into the room. I know what she was doing because two hours ago when she came by to take my blood her hair didn’t have curls and her nails were different colors. I am glad I wasn’t in pain. Modern medicine in the hospital replies so much on the computers where orders are being sent by doctors (who has never seen you) to nurses who executes the orders (not knowing why). I was given some injections occasionally by the nurse (different nurse each day each shift), and when I asked I am told a long name I don’t recognize and whe I asked why they would say the doctors’ order through the computers. On the forth day the surgical team finally came to see me – not the ones who operated on me but the team that visits. When I asked why I was still there on day 4 (since the nurse told me I should be checked out on day 3 the latest) the doctor said “because your white blood cell count is way off”. Another doctor next to him looked at my papers and said “it’s normal”, so that doctor said “oh it’s normal, then you should be able to go”. I don’t know who made a mistake where, but that extra day of stay cost over $3500+ and at that time I haven’t met my deductable so it’s all out of my pocket. Have to double, triple check doctors’ orders.

    Good luck to you.

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    just saw your post Pat. Glad to hear you are doing better and wish you well. Stick around and comment form time to time, it is always great to hear from you.

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