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    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    So, had my website redesigned.

    Need a little input, Good or bad…

    Anyone that remembers my old one, I’d love to hear what you think..


    thanks in advance..

    Montreal, QC

    Website loads very slow, actually now I can’t get it to load at all. So just a few thoughts from what I remembered. I think the general layout/menu is good save for a few minor points. The “contact us” form doesn’t need to be that prominent, a visible “contact us” button next to the phone number on top right that leads to the form would be enough I think. On the same note no need for “call us” before the phone number.

    I don’t recall if you have a photo gallery or not, but the main photo underneath the contact form could be smaller, or if you remove the contact form you can shift what’s below it up to overlap the photo, as it is now on a 1280×720 display I can’t see them without scrolling and I think seeing these are more important than seeing a contact form.

    Akron, OH

    Not loading for me either.


    Same here. 🙁

    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    I got it to load, did not spend a whole lot of time on it but what I saw looked good.

    Holladay, Tn

    Not loading for me ether.


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    Looks good when it works.

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    doer of all , master of none.

    Bloomington, IN

    It seems to load fine for me. I like the layout, but there might be a few spacing issues…or it’s just loading funny on my iPad.

    I also think the “contact us” section should be a pop up and less prominent.

    Here’s what I’m seeing on my iPad running Chrome:

    Jon P.
    Timber Carpentry & Construction

    Holladay, Tn

    Loading fine now for me.

    I also think the “contact us” section should be a pop up and less prominent.

    Have to agree. I don’t like the contact us being on the page. Should be a pop up.
    Everything else looks great.


    A Working Pro since 1994!

    Member since March 26, 2014.


    Mobile looks good. Make sure you have a call-me at the bottom too. Someone likes what they just read, and they will want the number already onscreen

    Top call me is too prominent. It’s important, but you are wasting real estate.

    Looks easy to navigate. Very nice

    Montreal, QC

    Site loads fine now.

    Yep I think the top bar could be arranged as your logo on left, your location and area you serve in middle, then phone number/contact us on right.

    The image behind the contact form could be shrunk to 2/3 or half of its height, and move the content below, i.e. what you do, up to either below the image or even on top of it.

    The rest looks good.

    Fayetteville, NC

    Site loaded fine for me and fast too. The layout looks good. Nice photos of past work and reviews from customers. Looks good.

    Automotive Pro
    Fayetteville, NC

    Durham region, ON

    loads for me, banner could be on the kitchen photo itself along with the phone number

    Rogers, Ohio

    Nice website! Like others have said, the big “contact us” on the home page is a bit obtrusive…other than that I like it. I looked through your gallery – you do nice work! Love the porch with all the gingerbreading – pretty sweet.


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    Nice website Jeff. I myself didn’t find the contact window bothersome but maybe that’s because I’m looking at it on a bigger monitor than others.

    I like the license and certifications page. Very good having that.

    Lots of good stuff in your gallery. People love pics and testimonials which I saw the testimonials on another page. I know we just hired a contractor that had lots of good pics recently on their website partly because we could see lots of their prior work.

    Did you know that putting a date of when the testimonial was written or relates to gives the testimonial more legitimacy in people’s minds? Otherwise some people tend to think they are more possibly ghost writers/phoney testimonials. Adding a location/area of town also helps with that. Not a direct street address like 123 Maple Street, but at least a region they live in. A street name is even better in my opinion to solidify that the work or the testimonial is real.

    I couldn’t get the pics to show on the blogs page though, or are they not uploaded yet to the site?

    Don’t take this the wrong way and I’m not a dog hater, but having the dog as part of your image i so many places is maybe not such a great idea on some levels. Some people don’t like dogs and may think that you’ll have one on site. And why is it a dog and not a picture of yourself instead as the most prominent picture identifying yourself and your business? You obviously love your dog very much, but others do not love your dog like you do and may be detracted it from it in your marketing efforts. If the dog was somehow symbolic of your work or your corporate ID fine, but I’ve not seen where it is.

    Some people actually view using animals or small children/infants/babies as a cheap marketing ploy when it has nothing to do with the actual product being sold. A picture of your crew, or even a pic of your nice new truck would be better imo. That would be related to the business. I took many marketing courses a few decades ago before pursuing another career path and although I only use it to the extent of my own business and how to apply it, its not like I’m an idiot on this subject.

    Spencer, Ma., happy 2015

    Thanks for All the input.
    I agree with the contact form on main page. MY website guy said it’s the current trend..
    I’m going to give it a month and see what happens.

    thanks all.


    Dude it looks sick to me!

    I like how clean it looks, and the slide down menus are good. As a customer, it makes me feel reassured!

    I once heard that excellence creates peace, and I think that’s what you want your customers to feel when they look at your website. And I think that’s what you’ve accomplished here!

    And the dog is a nice touch 😉


    @jaydee no problem loading from my laptop, or my smartphone, I thought it was well laid out, nothing to fancy, and just the right information a future client would be looking for.


    @jaydee, Sorry I missed this until today. Went to the site and it loaded quick. I really like the big buttons by type of work you do. Lots of good pictures of your work. I also see your pooch pictured. I once gained a client because he saw our dogs pictured on our website. He said if we were dog people, we would be good to deal with for whatever that is worth.

    halifax, nova scotia

    i also agree about the contact us popup.. its too over powering.. put it in the menu list of things

    heres a tip, dont fart in a space suit

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