Mystical Retaining Wall

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    Here are a few finished photos of the Costa Rica Project.


    WOW very cool

    ~ Rob at http://www.ConcordCarpenter.com

    Chicago, IL

    Read about the full project at http://bethepro.com/a-mystical-retaining-wall-comes-to-life/. Thom, you get to do some of the coolest things.


    That’s great Thom. How long were you in Costa Rica to complete the project? do you get to travel a lot?


    Thom a phenomenal job done! Extremely realistic as to how the natural trees do look here. I have lived in Costa Rica for 11 years and build here so I think I am more the qualified to assure everyone who is not familiar as to just how authentic your work is to reality. My hats off to you.
    Trevor Chilton


    HNeem I was there in Costa Rica for 14 days to complete this project and yes I travel worldwide constantly for the last 25 yrs.


    Trevor thanks for your kind words , I will be back in Arenal in late April to open an office there. We have a small tico house there in Arenal and see the possabilities of work there at resorts and privete res. Looking for any and all contacts there in CR also.


    This is my backyard where i sat and had coffee in mornings and fed the wildlife .


    ah yes, arenal is absolutely beautiful… went there with my wife! beautiful!

    John S



    Rogers, Ohio

    Awesome work!


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    Wow, I haven’t seen this one before. Nice work indeed. I wish I could get flown to Costa Rica to do work.


    Neat project and awesome work. What were the major difficulties you faced to complete it? Did the amount of rain present a problem with the cement?

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