My new GMC Sierra

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    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    I got this new truck a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for something a little upgraded from the stripped down work truck I have been driving for aboutn5 years.

    I still need to get running boards, mud flaps ans floor mats.

    Here a re a few photos.



    Wow that’s a really nice truck. Did you keep your old work truck or will this be your work truck?


    Central America, (Kansas)

    Soooo Jealous!

    Sweet ride!

    I’m looking to update my rig this year too.. Hoping to get an ’07 or newer



    East Palestine, Ohio

    Nice truck. My Sierra has the Line X bed liner in it too, if you haven’t had it before you will love it. My liner has taken a beating but has held up great.


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    Very Nice. 8′ bed?

    I assume that is your brake controler in the top pic. What is the knob below it, a gain control?

    What is that we are seeing in the last picture?

    Mark E.

    Pioneer, CA

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    Looks like the same color as the one I just got myself 🙂


    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    Brake control on top, the +/- below is the gain and the knob i0below id the 2 – 4 WD selector.

    The last photomis the LED bed lighting under the bed rails.

    6.5 ‘ bed, I don’t think the 8’ would fit in my garage because I have cabinets along the front od the stall impark in.

    I kept my work truck and will use it some and also use it as a crew truck


    Nice truck good luck with it. My last GMC ran to 320000, im sure this will too


    Murray, KY

    Sweet ride!


    Holladay, Tn

    Good lookin truck.


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    Congrats on the truck Kurt! I really like that step bumber and the led bed rail lights!!


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    I see it is equipped with an l-boxx! 🙂 Enjoy the new wheels.


    Man Kurt, that is definitely a sweet new ride! I would be hard pressed to put that truck to any serious use for work – but I am sure you will break it in sooner or later and once it gets a little bit of wear and tear and the new smell wears off… and you will start to feel like it is just another work truck 😛

    John S


    Brick, NJ, 500,000 HAM

    Looks like a sweet ride. Enjoy it. Nice bed sprayed on liner. I need to do that to my truck.


    Owatonna, MN - Minnesota

    my last 4 trucks have had spray in liners, after the first one with a plastic shell, I went to the spray in and haven’t thought twice. What a great upgrade to the plastic shells.


    Fayetteville, NC

    Very nice truck. Makes the day a little better.

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    Fayetteville, NC


    Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

    Nice truck.
    My old Chev came with a spray on liner and it has taken much abuse and still looks good.


    Calgary, Alberta

    Sweet ride, some day I’ll pull the trigger. Just need to keep squirrelling away for a few more months. I really like the new interior not to mention the extra MPG’s would be nice.



    Dang I was so confused, I guess I got Kurt & Kent mixed together. I was about to say I thought you got a Suburban, Couldn’t you guys have at least got different colors 🙂

    That looks like a very nice truck too, I love the built-in trailer brake controller. Thanks for the pics, I needed them to straighten this/me out


    Foam Lake, SK

    Very nice. I have our 06 tundra go into the shop at the end of the month for a bunch of body work, had me looking at new trucks…. Man I would like a new truck.


    Brad T
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